PurVac Barracuda Allergy Central Vacuum System

Purvac Central Vacuum CleanersThe PurVac Barracuda is Spectacular and incredibly strong, many customers consider it to be the best value in its line. The Barracuda is built for medium to large-sized homes ranging in scale from 1,200 to 9,000 square feet, and it outshines the rivalry with 808 air-watts (suction power).

PurVac covers their motor assembly with noise suppressant acoustic foam insulation, maintaining this device at a quiet 57 dB. With its 6-Fan Metal 5.7" tangential actual flow turbine engine, European-designed DOMEL motors make this system to be as fine-tuned as it is.

This motor has an intense life expectancy of 20-25 years and is backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty. A long-lasting ABS body offers a strong base that is warrantied for life. The PurVac Barracuda was formerly known as the PurVac Opal.

It has four gallons of dirt storage and can be used with or without a bag. This filter destroys bacteria immediately, improves air quality while eliminating all odors. The  PurVac Barracuda Allergy Central Vacuum System is solid and sleek, and it targets dirt with ferocious intensity.

Drainvac International, a Canadian-based corporation today, created the multinational brand name PurVac. They have been producing and selling central vacuum systems that are well-known for their reliability and longevity.

PurVac central vacuum systems are now widely sought after in the industry due to its 25 years of investment in research and development. PurVac's origins can be traced back to Conrad Sevigny's carpet cleaning business. In 1982, Sevigny designed his prototype, a carpet-cleaning water extractor, using proprietary automatic drain engineering. It was also the year in which Sevigny discovered PurVac in St. Hyacinthe, Canada. It is also one of the world's most prominent labels for central vacuums, with a customer base in 20 countries.

Which Features Make The PurVac Barracuda A Unique Model?

  • 800 watts of airpower

  • 140 cubic feet per minute

  • Air rise of 15 inches

High Suction Power

PurVac central vacuums boast excellent suction with water lifts of up to 170". This suction force is strong enough to unclog a drain.

Fast to Use/Install

PurVac Barracuda Allergy Central Vacuum Systems are simple to set up and operate. They are simple to build in both new and existing homes. The central vacuums come with a 6-foot / 1.8-meter electric cable and a 90-degree socket to make them easy to use.

Activac 3 filter muffler (Adjustable)

The Activac 3 HEPA exhaust filter and the muffler are vital features of PurVac central vacuum systems. Its primary function is to eliminate odors. Activac 3 also assists in the extraction and disposal of fine dust particles that may have escaped through the filter. (Also available separately)

HEPA Filtration Device

 Purvac Barracuda Allergy Central Vacuum SystemA HEPA filtration system is mandatory on all PurVac central vacuum systems.  PurVac Barracuda central vacuum systems can be mounted in your garage or some other secluded area of your house to minimize noise levels. PurVac's composite tank casing significantly decreases noise levels, particularly as compared to metal tank casings. 

Their central vacuums have the lowest sound decibel level of 58 decibels. Both PurVac central vacuum systems are highly consistent and reliable. They are incredibly durable, thanks to technologies such as HEPA filtration systems and single and double motorization.

The Purvac Barracuda Central Vacuum has a lot of suction capacity, which helps you clean vast areas quickly, and this has attracted it to consumers, who have mainly given it positive reviews.

Why Is The PurVac Barracuda Allergy Central Vacuum System Popular?

It has excellent air suction capacities and can handle spaces up to 9,000 sq. ft. However, since it is small, you can transport it from one location to another. Furthermore, it generates a total air wattage of 800 capacity, which complements the 140 CFM value and 151-inch water rise.

It is a perfect unit for most houses, allowing you to mount it everywhere and clean even the most difficult-to-reach areas with ease. Thanks to the hybrid filtration system, it can also hold 4-gallons of dirt and other undesirable components. Meanwhile, you can use the filtration device with or without a bag. 

If you use the pack, you can expect it to last longer. Finally, the HEPA system renders it low-maintenance, and you can store it quietly once you've done your job.

Where Can I Purchase Purvac Barracuda Central Vacuums?

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