How Do You Install The PurVac Killer Whale Central Vacuum Power Unit?

Central Vacuum SystemsThe PurVac Killer Whale's dominant success in the XL scale homes would astound you: With 1,496 air-watts (suction capacity), this monster of a central vacuum is among the most efficient 240-volt central vacuum systems on the market today. If you're aiming for the best of the best, the PurVac Killer Whale is it. Empower yourself to be astounded by the fantastic cleaning results. 

Breathe better when you've learned a perfect way to enhance the consistency of your indoor climate. Enjoy the many usability features and the whisper-quiet running. PurVac insulates its motorhead with noise depressant acoustic foam insulation, maintaining this machine at an ultra-quiet 62 dB in service. The platinum series DOMEL motors built in Europe make this machine as fine-tuned as its 12-Fan Metal 5.7" actual bypass double turbine engine. 

This motor has a solid average lifespan of 25-30 years and is backed by a 25-year warranty. A long-lasting ABS body offers a strong base that is warrantied for life. The PurVac Killer Whale was also known as the PurVac Diamond. The PurVac Killer Whale has a 9-gallon dirt size and could be used as a bagless or bagged central vacuum. 

This filter destroys bacteria immediately, increases air quality, and removes odors. The Killer Whale is the stuff that machine mythology is made of. PurVac comes out on top as the dust settles. Drainvac International, a Canadian-based company today, created the global designer label PurVac. They have been designing and selling central vacuum systems that are well-known for their stability and longevity. 

PurVac central vacuum systems are now widely sought after in the industry due to its 25 years of investment in research and development. PurVac's origins can be traced back to Conrad Sevigny's carpet cleaning business. In 1982, Sevigny designed his first model, a carpet-cleaning water extractor, using the proprietary automatic drain innovation. 

This was also the year in which Sevigny discovered PurVac in St. Hyacinthe, Canada. It is also one of the world's largest brands for central vacuums, with a distribution network in 20 countries.

Which Are The Pro Features of The PurVac Killer Whale?

High Suction Power:

PurVac Killer Whale Allergy central vacuums guarantee excellent suction by providing a 170" water lift. This suction force is strong enough to unclog a drain.

Fast to Use/Install:

PurVac Killer Whale Allergy vacuum systems are simple to set up and operate. They are simple to build in both existing and upcoming homes. The central vacuums come with a 6-foot / 1.8-meter electric cable and a 90-degree socket.

Optional Activac 3 filter muffler:

drainvac twin turbo central vacuumThis is a vital part of PurVac central vacuum systems. Its primary purpose is to remove odors. Activac 3 also assists in detecting and disposal of fine dust particles that may have escaped through the filter. (Also available separately)

HEPA Filtration Device:

A HEPA filtration system is mandatory on all PurVac central vacuum systems. The below are some of the highlights of the HEPA filtration system:

Low Noise Levels:

You could install your PurVac Killer Whale Allergy central vacuum systems in your driveway or some other secluded area of your house to minimize noise levels. PurVac's composite tank casing significantly reduces noise levels, particularly as compared to metal tank casings. Their central vacuums have the lowest sound decibel level of 58 decibels.

Both PurVac central vacuum systems are highly dependable. They are highly robust, thanks to technologies such as HEPA filtration systems and single and double motorization.

Is The PurVac Killer Whale Allergy Central Vacuum System Fit For People Who Have Allergies? 

Allergies are common in the spring, and installing a central vacuum system is an excellent strategy to fight them. Periodic allergies are usually caused by pollen, which enters your home through open doors and windows and settles on your sofas and floors.

Pollen is mostly almost invisible, but it is frequently noticeable as a layer of yellow dust on anything at this period of the year. When you factor in pet fur, dust mites, daily household dust, and other contaminants, you may question if you ever get a bit of fresh air.

The motor in the PurVac Killer Whale Allergy Central Vacuum System central vacuum system is usually situated in a distant area of the building, such as the garage or basement, which dramatically reduces the noise level associated with operating the vacuum. A network of pipes is run around the household, allowing a lightweight, compact hose to be plugged into the device at different points, making vacuuming a breeze and still whisking the soil particles without the possibility of transfer anywhere in the house.

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