A Quick Guide to Vacuum Suction

NuTone PP7001 Central Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is a vital household appliance that helps keep our home or business premises clean. However, the problem that numerous people encounter when they buy this appliance is the difficulty sucking up the debris, dust, and other particles that have either fallen or attached themselves to carpets. It can be very frustrating to discover that your vacuum cleaner is inefficient at sucking debris and dirt.

We use these appliances to hasten the cleaning process, so it's imperative we pay attention to the suction. Bear in mind that suction power is the major factor that determines how well the appliance functions.

If you're uncertain about choosing the central vacuum with the appropriate suction power, our experts at ThinkVacuums.com will enlighten you during your purchasing process. Check out the following informative guide on vacuum suction.

Measurement and Definitions of Suction Power

To understand "suction power" you must understand how it is measured. Manufacturer's specs provide suction power through the following units:


This is one of the most significant measurements, and it signifies the airflow power from the surface to the bag. While this measurement is important, manufacturers don't always list it. The dimension considers the motor's power and the exhaust system's resistance (fans, filters, and bags). The higher this value is, the higher the suction power. Common cleaners function in the range of 50-100 CFM.


This is perhaps the most common value the manufacturer provides. Watts refers exclusively to the consumption of motor power, not its performance. As a rule, units that have higher watts typically have motors that are more powerful and as a result, suck better. However, this isn't always accurate.

Air Watts (AW)

This is another measurement for suction power. It refers to the number of watts the machine uses to carry an air unit via an opening. The advantage of this measurement is that it's more reliable when it comes to quantification.

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Importance of Having A Vacuum Cleaner With Appropriate Suction Power

  • Eliminating Invisible Things

    The problem with low suction-level machines is their inability to eliminate dirt and other invisible things while cleaning surfaces. While it's not possible to eliminate every bit of dirt and dust in our homes, a higher suction strength increases the likelihood of eliminating the invisible dirt layer.

  • Pets And Children

    If you have pets or children at home and they usually spend considerable time on the floor, it becomes even more essential to eliminate as much pet hair and dirt from around your home as possible.

  • Less Cleaning

    Another obvious benefit of having a strong-suction machine is that you won't need to go over the same spots constantly while cleaning. The inability to clean your surface the first time around can be frustrating. Fortunately, our NuTone Central Vacuums offer suitable suction strength, enabling a more enjoyable and faster cleaning experience.

  • Less Electricity Consumption

    A high suction power will allow you to do more cleaning faster and you won't need to go over the same spots constantly thereby saving on energy consumption.

  • Embedded Carpet Health Risks

    Our carpets comprise pathogens and other possible medical risks that lurk within the carpet's fibers, waiting to cause problems for our families and us. This can arise in the form of bacteria, disease-carrying particles, pet or insect feces, and allergens. This places us in danger because we lay on carpets, walk across them with bare feet, or even sleep on them. As a result, the pathogens get a chance to get on our bodies or within our respiratory systems. Order a complete all-in-one central vacuum package to save money.

“One of the fundamental reasons why vacuums don't suck dirt as efficiently as they should is because people use the incorrect setting for the floor type they're vacuuming.”

A Few Simple Ways to Improve Your Vacuum's Suction

One of the fundamental reasons why vacuums don't suck dirt as efficiently as they should is because people use the incorrect setting for the floor type they're vacuuming. For instance, you should always use the lowest setting for wood or tiled floors. This way, the appliance will deliver the most powerful suction. Raise the setting for carpets with trial and error to see what works best. Read the instruction manual for correct height settings.

Troubleshoot further by making sure the power unit gaskets an in good condition and installed correctly. If they are not, either replace them or install them in place. If your central vacuum system has two motors, check to see if one has failed. If it has, get it repaired or replaced to correct the suction power. Learn to troubleshoot your own central vacuum system.

Change The Filter And Bag on Schedule for Better Suction

ActiVac III Exhaust HEPA Filter

If adjusting the settings doesn't work, the next probable cause for suction power loss is a dirty filter or full bag. Bagless cleaners typically have a fill line in front, which helps establish when you should empty the dirty contents. Canister and upright vacuums have these indicators as well.

Central vac models have large collection canisters and only need emptying every other month.

Ensuring that debris and dirt don't go past these lines will guarantee that your appliance will function the way it should. We recommend emptying the dirt and debris contents when the bag or collection container on upright and canister models is between one half and two thirds full. Here’s how to unclog your stopped up central vacuum cleaner.

Why You Should Buy a NuTone Central Vacuum Unit

NuTone is one of the leading vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the world because they have a reputation for providing high-quality products. Here are some reasons why you should own a NuTone Vacuum Systems:

  • Number 1: NuTone is recognized as the “Number 1” central vacuum brand as well as the "Brand Used the Most" for Central Vacuums systems. As of today, the NuTone vacuums are considered as America’s “most wanted” built-in appliance.
  • Powerful Suction: NuTone central vacuums come with a powerful cleaning suction that ensures that your home is rid of all the dirt including fine particles normally suspended in the air.
  • Long Lasting: NuTone central vacuum systems are unlike conventional upright and canister vacuum cleaners. These systems have been created to last longer, are convenient to use and adds more value to home cleaning.
  • Motor: The motors used in all NuTone vacuum cleaners have been designed for powerful and deep cleaning to do better than the standard or conventional vacuums.
  • Filtration: The NuTone central vacuum cleaners come with better filtration technology. All dust particles will be exhausted to the exterior of your home to make it cleaner and the quality of indoor air will improve. Some of the NuTone vacuum systems also use HEPA filtration. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and vacuums so equipped can remove 99.97% of airborne particles that are 0.3 micrometers in diameter.
  • Accurate Bag-Full Lights: The NuTone vacuum cleaners are available with progressive indicator lights to let you know when its time to change the bag. Another salient feature includes a true "bag-full" light that will automatically shut down when the bag is full and thus avoid rupturing the bag.
  • Simplified Bag Change: All NuTone vacuum cleaners come with a simplified filter changing and bag removal process. All you have to do is open the front-facing door panel and take out the full bag.

NuTone central vacuum cleaners are one of the best in the world and you will be pleased with the performance yours provides.

Let us know when it’s time to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. Our customer service staff is knowledgeable and skilled in matching brands and models to your cleaning needs and budget. Feel free to find the answers to your questions today by going online or calling 1.877.604.6491.

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