Recurring Costs for Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems

Purchasing one of the Electrolux central vacuum systems from Think Vacuums comes with plenty of advantages. You will have powerful cleaning in your home, it will be more convenient to use your vacuum, with inlet ports available in key locations, and you will be able to use a range of vacuum heads to suit many different cleaning jobs. For both convenience and practicality, there’s really nothing better than a central system.
One other thing that you will need to consider is ongoing costs with Electrolux central vacuum systems. While owning a central vacuum isn’t unreasonably expensive by any means, knowing what you might need to pay for over the years will help you to make the right purchasing decision. Before you place your order, keep the following information in mind so that you are fully prepared.

Motors May Need Replacing after Extended Use in Your Home

Electrolux VacuumOne of the biggest advantages of Electrolux central vacuum systems is that they are modular. Almost every part of a central system can be replaced, which means that you will get a long lifetime, with the potential to maintain your vacuum for as long as you live in your home.
While replacing the motor of your vacuum might seem like an expense, the reality is that this is no different to replacing a standard vacuum once it reaches the end of life. A motor could last for five or ten years, or even longer, depending on how often you use your vacuum and how well you maintain it.

Bags Will Need to Be Replaced Regularly

Electrolux bags and filters will need to be replaced regularly to keep the vacuum in good condition. Bags may need to be replaced every three months if you are using your vacuum frequently. You can check whether the bag is filling up by opening the unit and inspecting the bag. Simply applying pressure to the bag will let you know whether it is full. In some cases, a bag could last for six months or more. As with most things on your vacuum system, this will depend entirely on how often you use it, and how much dust and debris you are extracting from your home.

Filters for Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems Should Be Replaced

Filters, like bags, will also need to be replaced after an extended period of use. You can inspect filters to see if they have become clogged with dust and debris. Filters are cost-effective so should be replaced rather than cleaned. Cleaning a filter could compromise the structure, and it may not perform its job well after it has been cleaned and reseated in the main unit. If your filter is not performing according to manufacturer specifications, then you could be releasing dirty air back into your home.
At Think Vacuums, you can get affordable Electrolux bags and filters for replacement.

You May Need to Replace Some Electrolux Central Vacuum Parts After Years of Use

Parts like wands, hoses, and attachments can all break down after extended periods of use. Electrolux has a long reputation of quality and durability, and you can expect your parts to last as long as parts on other leading vacuum cleaners. Wands don’t generally break or fail if they are not mistreated, and flexible hoses are designed to provide years of functional lifetime. Powerheads and other accessories will also last for years without needing to be replaced.
Even so, no product will last forever, and you will have peace of mind knowing that you can get the best Electrolux vacuum parts from Think Vacuums.

Do Electrolux Vacuums Cost More to Maintain?

When it comes down to it, the ongoing cost of owning Electrolux central vacuums is not any different from owning a central vacuum from another top manufacturer. Standard parts like Electrolux bags and filters will need to be replaced regularly, while other parts like motors, wands, hoses, and attachments will only need to be replaced after using your vacuum for many years in most cases.
Your ongoing costs will be comparable to other top models, and because Electrolux vacuum parts are of high quality, you could even save money over the lifetime of ownership.
If you are concerned about recurring costs for Electrolux central vacuum systems, then you can have confidence knowing that they are neither high nor unreasonable. If you need parts or want to buy an Electrolux system today, then Think Vacuums is your convenient online store with the best pricing.