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Award winning service. Exclusively offered through Duovac USA. Where do you live? Do you need to have your Duovac installed? Do you need customer support at any time, 6 days a week? We're just a phone call away.  With such a vast network of installers and service professionals, Duovac brings the ease of buying as well as the secure feeling that you're not alone. Either you can become a do-it-yourselfer or Duovac could supply technical support as well as installers throughout the United States to make your buying choice easier. Give us a call at 1.800.322.2965 and let our staff assist you in any way. This referral program is totally free to anyone living in the United States. Just give us a call and we will take care of the rest, finding the closest authorized service person. Would you like to speak to Duovac's representative for the United States?

Lifetime warranty on motor, electrical components, and housing with a 10 year labor guarantee. The best in the industry.

A "New" Nuera Air Feature - the LED Information Panel

The recently introduced Nuera Air/DuoVac central vacuums are equipped with an LED Information Panel. The LIP was designed for the owner to monitor and optimize the power units performance and to enhance and support its lifetime warranty.

The LIP is located on the upper rear left quarter of the power unit. It is grey, 3.5" x 5.5" with a closing safety door.

Inside the LIP are two reset buttons, for the control module/internal circuit breaker and the LED monitor light; the manufacturer's information label; and, an LED guide table. Also, housed within the LIP is the protected low voltage connection terminal port and the all important LED monitor light.

The LED light has seven indication levels:
Green Blink Fast;
Short Duration
The unit has just been plugged in or was just reset.
Green Steady The system is electrically connected.
Green Steady The system is in operation.
Green Blink Slow Every 15 hours, the dust canister should be emptied and/or change the filter debris bag. Press the reset button to return to "green steady".
Orange Blink Slow The permanent filter should be removed and cleaned and the canister emptied. Press the reset button to return to "green steady".
Red Steady Inspection of the motor is recommended; at 480 hours there is no reset and the light will continue to be "red steady".
Red Blink Fast Inspection of the motor is required at 500 hours to preserve the lifetime warranty, the power unit will shut down/stop. The carbon brushes must be replaced. A reset code supplied by the dealer/DuoVac will restart the power unit for another 500 hours.
The exclusive Nuera Air designed LIP is consistent with our 43 year history of engineering and consumer conscious features: lifetime product warranty; 5 year labor guarantee, the lightweight seamless aluminum canisters, wireless power unit and hose technology, built-in intake sound suppression, the soft start/soft stop feature to save motor life, Ametek-Lamb motors, optional convenient/cost effective dual filtration, bully protected/painted/coated canisters, etc. - the Nuera Air tradition of excellence continues.