SC6055A Sanitaire Dry Time Precision Air Mover

For fast cleaning, our Sanitaire Air Movers are lightweight, strong, and simple to usage. The high efficiency and reliability of the Sanitaire air mover are hallmarks. With a 3-speed turn, the strong 1/2 HP motor enables you to select the correct power level for the task. These air movers are suitable for tasks including carpet, floor drying, and renovation. All air movers from Sanitaire are ETL classified for commercial usage. They have a wide handle that allows them to be simple to hold, and moveable for storage purposes since it is the best of all the modules. 

Features of Sanitaire Air Movers

Sanitaire floor machineDaisy-chain of up to 4 devices on a single 120-volt circuit for full drying capacity.

Rapid, Efficient Drying:

In any case, 3 velocity settings for adjustable drying control.


Stackable, lightweight build for quick transportation and storage with a holding handle.

Full Coverage

Four operational places in order to dry every field (floor, kickstand, end, and side).

The power that saves your time. This High-Velocity Air Mover provides the efficiency required for quick drying of floors and carpets.

On a number of surfaces, Sanitaire Air Movers greatly minimize the drying duration. You will manage the power required for the job by using a 3-speed switch. The 1⁄2-hp engine is an ETL listed for industrial usage, rendering it suitable for carpet drying and renovation ventures.

Other Features

  • 4 Drying positions

  • Velocity up to 3,400 (ft/min)

  • Powerful 1/2 HP motor

  • Daisy-chain 4 units on (1) 15-amp circuit

  • Front-mounted switch

  • 3-speed switch

  • Stackable design

  • Lightweight

  • 5 AMP Power

  • Quiet operation 68 dB Sound Level

Sanitaire scrubberWith 3 speed settings and 4 operational positions for drying any place, the DRY TIME Air Mover is a flexible blower. Daisy-chain of up to 4 modules for complete coverage on a single 120-volt circuit. For easy storage and fast distribution, moveable and light.

-Noiseless and lightweight than existing ones, rendering it the ideal alternative for environments in schooling, hospitality, and lodging.

-3-Speed modulation for air velocity changes all the way up to 3,500 ft./min.

-For quick storing in a small closet or the corners of a bed, moveable style and smaller size.

Blowers/Air Movers By Sanitaire sc6057a 

On a number of surfaces, Sanitaire Air Movers greatly minimize the drying period. You will control the required voltage for the task using an edge, 3-speed switch. The 1⁄2-hp engine is an ETL listed for industrial use, rendering it suitable for carpet drying and renovation ventures.

A network of more than 1,500 service centers throughout the United States serves every Sanitaire system! Since we questioned them, Sanitaire acknowledges the special cleaning problems faced by construction service contractors.  In order to figure out what they like most in a commercial machine, we routinely performed research with end customers, distributors, and equipment decision-makers. That's why our complete line of durable, hard-working equipment was designed to ease servicing, minimize running costs and reduce downtime with a wide variety of features. Every single Sanitaire system is built for high efficiency and long life, from our all-new cutting-edge DuraLux dual-motor vacuum to our heavy-duty air movers and stain extractors.

The quiet-operating floor machines of Sanitaire maintain bare floor stairwells shiny without distracting staff from the workplace. And our easy-to-use extractors clear up spills and other injuries that are usual in carpeted cafeterias and conference rooms easily. You should trust Sanitaire to overcome the most complex cleaning criteria, from optimizing the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to ensuring that the floors are well clean.

Compact Stackable Configuration for Quick Storage

Sc6056aThe stackable shape and compact footprint make it simple to store up to four high-speed air movers in a small closet or space corner.

Great for Conditions which are Susceptible to Noise

The Precision Air Mover is simpler and much lightweight than our established air mover, making it the ideal option for areas such as schools, hospitals, and catering.

Sanitaire Floor Machine AreManeuverable and Versatile for rough floors

Combining the configuration of a squirrel-cage with the improved drying strength of the axial fan draws the driest air from above. Additionally, it is necessary to put the Precision Air Mover in 4 separate drying places.

Ensure you seek quality Sanitaire air movers from Think Vacuum. We ensure you acquire the right information regarding any kind of machine before you purchase. Call us today at 1-800-322-2965 and one of our customer representatives will help you. 

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