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Sanitaire HEPA filterBackpack Vacuums Cleaners from Sanitaire are the best for doing all types of professional cleaning; these backpack vacuums have also been the most preferred in the hospitality and janitorial industries for some years. The fact that Sanitaire Backpack Vacuums are heavy-duty does not mean that they are not multipurpose and that they cannot be used by everybody. 

Sanitaire Backpack Vacuums come with a 50-foot power code that makes it possible to move around with it without having to change outlets regularly. This makes using a Sanitaire backpack vacuum enjoyable and smooth. In addition, because Sanitaire vacuum company is a division of Electrolux, you will enjoy great company support and warranty guarantee. If a Sanitaire backpack vacuum becomes faulty within the 2-year warranty provided, you can freely take it to any accredited Electrolux dealer for repair.

Sanitaire Commercial Backpack Parts Are Readily Available

Sanitaire backpack vacuum reviews

If you are looking for a lightweight, ergonomic design, then you should consider Sanitaire. The Sanitaire transport backpack vacuum is the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning places that are quite hard to reach. It has a lightweight and ergonomic design that makes it very easy to use and manage. This backpack vacuum cleaner is UL listed, it is equipped with a 5ft hose, 1.5-inch cleaning equipment, and aluminum wands that have a button lock. These wands help you reach the highest, lowest, and the tightest spaces. The versatile floor nozzle slithers swiftly on carpets, a peculiar double angled hose that offers total comfort and flexibility. In addition, other features include a silent 1200 Watt High Suction Motor and a removable 50ft power cord. A wide range of Sanitaire backpack parts is readily available.


Quiet when using:

Sanitaire QuietClean Backpack vacuums offer 24/7 quiet cleaning of up to 70 Dba or less, which is the same as the noise made when humans are conversing. This model, SC412, has a Dba rating of 69.

L.E.E.D Daytime Quiet:

This vacuum model meets the L.E.E.D certifications; this means it guarantees minimum noise levels and also technology to keep operating costs down.

CRI Seal of Approval:

We strive to provide a one of a kind cleaning experience that is approved by the CRI. The SC412B is certified to the bronze level.

Multiple Surface Cleaning:

Achieve any job with accessories for vacuuming carpets, areas that are above the floor, furniture, and hard surfaces.


  • Sanitaire commercial Backpack vacuumsPowerful 1200 Watt Motor.

  • 120 CFM Air-Flow

  • Ergonomic and lightweight design with a comfortable harness.

  • Comes with 2 Sanitaire HEPA filters and a bag.

  • Has CRI green label approval.

  • Satisfies LEED Requirements.  

  • The best for cleaning places that are difficult to reach.

  • 1.5-inch cleaning additional tools with aluminum rods.

  • 12-inch Cleaning Path

  • 6.0 Dry Qts Dust Capacity. 

  • Removable 50ft power cord.

  • UL listed for commercial use.

  • Throwaway paper bags.

With a 50ft power cord, the versatility of this backpack vacuum is greatly improved, it also has accessories that come in handy when cleaning carpets, upholstery, bare floors, and much more. 

Reduce the time it takes you to clean large spaces with the all-new model of Sanitaire backpack vacuum. It is very easy for operators to clean hard areas, carpets, and bare floors on a daily basis. At just below 11 and a half pounds, it is equipped with a 50 ft. removable power cord and an ergonomic harness that evenly distributes weight in a comfortable manner.

Cleaning Accessories:

This model is equipped with 1.5-inch diameter cleaning tools and aluminum wands that are curved to enable you to reach hard and tight places and also places that are above the floor. Some additional accessories include a bare floor and carpets nozzle, an upholstery tool, a crevice wand, and a dusting brush.  The Sanitaire backpack vacuum is whisper quiet and has a rating of 70db. This model is equipped with a very quiet 12-amp electric motor, rendering it very convenient to use. 

To prevent damage to your bare floors, you need to clean them with a special vacuum. Sanitaire Backpack vacuums are the ideal vacuums when working with uncovered flooring. Their motors are powerful enough to provide the best suction on different floor surfaces.  

Sanitaire Backpack vacuums are CRI approved, meaning they are capable of removing up to 99.97% of particles.

At Think Vacuums, we provide the best Sanitaire Backpack Vacuums available in the market. Our qualified and properly trained staff are always ready to help. Our team will answer any question you have and also help you find the best Sanitaire Backpack Vacuum for your home or business while considering your budget. Give us a call at 800-322-2965, and an expert will guide you through the whole process.

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