Sanitaire Bagless Vacuums

Sanitaire vacuum cleanersSanitaire has a series of vacuums that use bagless technology. Some of the bagless vacuums include the SC5745, SC5845, SC689, and SC887. The SC689 and SC887 come with a dust cup, while the SC5745 and SC5845 have a Sanitaire HEPA filtration system. 

SC5745 Sanitaire Force Bagless Upright Vacuum

The SC5745 Sanitaire is a powerful bagless upright vacuum cleaner. It has a cleaning path of 13 inches. Its cleaning power is backed by the seal of approval from CRI Bronze. Now you won’t have to incur high costs on new filters because this vacuum’s HEPA filter is washable. 

The air emitted after filtration is safe and clean enough for allergy sufferers. The HEPA filters trap 99.97% of allergens and dust particles. Lower your cost of ownership with a Bagless dirt cup.  

The SC5745 operates quietly at only 69 dBA. It is also durable, and it offers you a powerful cleaning performance. This vacuum is UL listed, powerful enough to carry out commercial jobs, and durable to give you many years of service. The dust cup is among the largest in the industry, and it is easy to empty. This vacuum operation is exceptionally quiet, allowing you to clean at any time of day or night without disrupting the environment.


Commercial vacuum cleanersThe washable HEPA filter offers 99.97% filtration of down to 0.3-micron particles. Wash the dust cup filter in warm water, then leave it to dry. The large diameter hose can stretch for up to 10 feet, enabling you to maneuver over a large area. This hose is clog-resistant, eliminating clog-related damages. Other attachments include a dusting brush, crevice tool, and wand.

The easy empty dust cup reduces the cost of buying disposable bags. The Sanitaire is almost noiseless, with a sound level equivalent to that of a human conversation. This vacuum’s noise level is 70 dBA, which is the same as a human conversation’s noise level.

Sanitaire FORCE QuietClean Upright Bagless Vacuum (SC5845B)


The Sanitaire SC5845B is suitable for cleaning offices and business premises. Enjoy uninterrupted cleaning sessions with the 3.5-quart dust and debris capacity. It has a wide cleaning path that extends to 15 inches, making the cleaning session shorter and quicker. If you are asthmatic, now you can be at ease because HEPA filtration takes care of up to 99.97% of dust particles down to 0.3 microns. 

The 40 feet long power cord allows you to vacuum large areas from one outlet. The noise levels in this commercial vacuum are relatively low to avoid noise pollution in commercial premises. Cleaning crevices is made more comfortable by the crevice tools that come with this bagless vacuum. 

No one would go for such a heavy vacuum that your muscles will be aching by the end of the session. With only 18 pounds in weight, the Electrolux FORCE is easily portable. This vacuum’s upright design makes cleaning dust, pet fur, and other debris.

The bagless technology means no bag replacements, saving time and money. The 40 amp motor generates power to produce great cleaning results. Cover large cleaning areas from one plug with the 40 feet power cord. Cracks and crevices are now easy to clean with the crevice tool. The Electrolux FORCE bagless vacuum comes with a manufacturer warranty of two years.

SC887B Upright Sanitaire Vacuum

Sanitaire professional vacuumsThe SC887B is a UL-listed commercial bagless vacuum. The fan compartment is easily accessible for cleaning. The 12-inch cleaning path, 50 ft power cord, and six-level carpet adjustments are features that make this traditional bagless vacuum efficient for your cleaning needs. It is durable and comes with a chrome steel hood, large wheels, clear dust cap, and chrome steel brush roll. 

Sanitaire SC689 Upright Vacuum

This lightweight model is suitable for both small and big cleaning jobs. Save on dust bags with the easy-to-empty dust cup. Its high filtration system keeps the atmosphere free of allergens as you clean over large areas with a 30-foot cord. This 11 lb lightweight model does not require much maintenance. 

Where Can I Get my Bagless Vacuum?

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