A Customer Guide to Brush Cutters

Sanitaire vacuum partsBrush cutters are used to remove small trees and grass.  It’s a stronger device than a lawn cutter and comes with a variety of motors. High-density vegetation needs more efficient equipment. Multiple operations including lawn trimming, cutting shrubs and shredding smaller trees could be done with the right equipment. A longer shaft may be added to the cutter to extend its work distance. You can purchase these brush cutters from Think Vacuums online store.

Different Grass Cutting Methods For Sanitaire Brush Roller

1)  Basic Methods

As the chopping device starts spinning counter-clockwise, a right-to-left movement is preferred. This method's benefit is trimming land on the cut region.

2) Cutting Long Grass

In presence of long grass or rough vegetation, two moves are advised. An initial move, right-to-left, cut the grass on the top. A low move, left-to-right, clear the residual lawn. The trimmings would be removed to the left.

3) Mowing Flat Fields

It is used in a square approach to cut wide areas best. Divide the field to be mown into segments, then move outward toward the middle.

4) Hill Mowing – Strip Process

The strip is a gentle way to mow a hill. Split a strip perpendicularly to the hill, return to the swath. Cut the next strip and repeat.

5) Trimming barriers

The trimmer's "mowing line" is the safest way to navigate to trees/bushes without harming them. If many plants develop together, consider clearing them before mowing.

Use your brushcutter's deflector as a guideline. Put the deflector against the tree or bush base to direct you when you pass. This supports the trunk when mowing around it.

Best Brush Strips Suggestions

Sanitaire sc412b partsChoose a machine that is strong enough to remove weeds.

Select a brush cutter with a longer working period for personal usage, which is also ideal for the job you plan to do for convenience.

The handlebar needs to be positioned at an angle relative to the shaft to avoid putting an unstable burden on your back.

The machine should provide outstanding vibration to make sure that you have the energy to function without getting exhausted.

The handlebar may be bent and flipped to allow transport and storage.

The more accessories and cutting devices, the wider the variety of applications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sanitaire Brush Strips

Can I get Suggestions on the Best Brush Strip Size to Request?

A) Certainly yes - we will, our trial service is totally FREE OF CHARGE, and we want you to be pleased with the quality you have selected. Our samples sum to approx. 100 mm in length and Think Vacuum is always rated as a first-class seller and allows you to  "try before buying" and give you the faith that you chose the correct option before shipping.

Is a Brush strip Enough?

A) Formseal may supply all pieces independently. However, purchasing them whole and integrated as opposed to two separate pieces is more cost-effective. If you need a brush, look at our Think vacuum Site.

What size should I order?

A) Regular stock sizes 2.0m, 2.5m, and 3.0m. If you like, we may even cut to your length, however, a surcharge is added. Call us with your specifications.

Should I size the brush strip personally?

Sanitaire vacuum sc679 partsA fine tooth saw will cut all aluminum parts to capacity. Most notably, the galvanized steel channel that holds the nylon brush strip filaments (cam strip) is then sealed to prevent filament loss - which may be achieved by sealing with pinchers or bolt cutters; i.e. by pinching the end of the channel with pinchers or wire cutters, this can protect several losses of some of the bristles if performed correctly.

I Have a Mice Dilemma in my Garage, What's the Best Solution?

We suggest removing the food source (where possible). It's necessary to eliminate current guests and this will prevent new ones from visiting your building utilizing our brush strip.

Get Your Order From Think Vacuums

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