Sanitaire Commercial Vacuum Parts

Electrolux Sanitaire commercial vacuum partsIn the 1950s, The Eureka Company introduced their Heavy Duty Blue vacuum cleaners into the market. The Red Sanitaire products were presented to users in the commercial industry. During that time, the commercial cleaning industry was still relatively small as commercial cleaning crews individually operated most companies, schools, hospitals, and hotels.

Conventional Sanitaire helped commercial cleaning companies back in the day to save time and money by offering high cleaning performance and longevity. Since those vacuums were made to last, cleaning companies had an easy time performing their cleaning tasks.

Sanitaire Vacuum Belts

For the Sanitaire commercial vacuum brush roll to spin and move effectively, a vacuum belt is required. These belts come in different sizes and shapes to suit the wide range of vacuum models under this brand. Depending on the vacuum model, the vacuum belt can be circular, geared, or flat. Irrespective of the vacuum cleaner’s design, every Sanitaire is made from durable material to ensure longevity.

If your Sanitaire vacuum belts keep on breaking, it is advised that you check your brush roll to ensure that it is installed correctly and that there is no debris keeping it from rotating as it should. Also, it is important to change the belt regularly to keep your Sanitaire vacuum running efficiently.


At ThinkVacuums, we have a complete range of Sanitaire vacuum bags for every Sanitaire model. Whether you own a Sanitaire backpack, a canister, or upright, we have them all in stock. Today, Sanitaire is owned by Electrolux Homecare Products so all Sanitaire products are under the Sanitaire by Electrolux label. The various Sanitaire bag types we have on sale are authentic and are available in varying quantities. Since there are many different Sanitaire models with varying types of bags, it is advised that you check the model number on your vacuum to avoid buying the wrong bag for your vacuum.

If you are having trouble deciding which one is the right bag for your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner, you call us up or visit our shop. 

Brush Rolls for Sanitaire Commercial Vacuums

We have brush rolls for different Sanitaire commercial vacuums, including the famous SC5000 and SC800 commercial uprights. Additionally, we also bring some individual replacement parts, including bristle strips and end caps. If you need help selecting the right component for your cleaner, contact us now!

Sanitaire Cloth  Bags

Whether you own an original 1972’s red Sanitaire or the latest versions, we have every form of Sanitaire cloth bag available. These bags may seem identical visually, but their differences are unmistakable. When looking for a cloth bag for your vacuum, you should determine which type of cloth bag you need. It could be an outer cloth bag with an inner paper bag, a cloth bag with a dust cap on the bottom, or a shake-out bag. There are various types of cloth bags, but the three are the most commonly used. If finding the same cloth bag for your Sanitaire vacuum cleaner has proven to be challenging, reach out to our customer service team.

Motors and Motor Parts

Sanitaire vacuum parts sc886Sanitaire vacuums are built with powerful, durable motors, but like any other vacuum part, they will need to be replaced at one point. In that case, ThinkVacuums has a selection of genuine parts for your motor. The most commonly replaced part of the Sanitaire vacuum motor is the fan. The fan is prone to wear and tear since it is used daily in commercial cleaning.

Sanitaire Filters

When the Sanitaire vacuum cleaner picks up dust and debris, the filter prevents it from circulating back into the atmosphere. Sanitaire vacuum filters vary depending on the vacuum model and design. While some models use rectangular HEPA filters, others have a dust cup filter. Filters are usually either the primary or secondary mode of filtration or both. 

Some vacuum filters are washable, while others should be disposed of after every use. However, most filters should be replaced frequently, depending on the type of vacuum cleaner.

Sanitaire Replacement Parts

If you have issues with your Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaner, ThinkVacuums is undoubtedly the right place for you. Any replacement part you may need for your vacuum cleaner can be found in our shop, from the smallest bolt, a hose, or motor. Visit us today or call our toll-free number, 1.800.322.2965.

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