Bagless Vs. Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

 Sanitaire s3681 bagsIt likely seems an easy task to buy a new vacuum cleaner, however the moment you begin researching all the products, specifications, models, and appliances, the process could quickly become daunting. At first sight, vacuum cleaners are available with their own collection of specifications and appliances with too many versions from hundreds of manufacturers. Prices will vary from less than $100 to more than $2,000. It may be challenging to determine which system is appropriate for you, with too many options and variables to take into account.

without considering any of these factors, you would certainly purchase a system that would not be right for you and your living condition.  Still, the method doesn't have to be a complicated one. Actually, once you find out what you desire, and how much you are willing to pay, it's fairly simple. But, then, let's take a step back and consider this one basic question about yourself.

Bagged vs. Bagless? 

Let's concentrate on one very critical consideration for the intent of this article: the process by which you get rid of the dust and dirt gathered by your vacuum cleaner.

There are several diverse kinds of vacuum cleaners, but there are two primary styles at the heart, bagged and bagless. In terms of their capacity to suck dirt and particles from the floors of your house, all forms of vacuums function equally. In addition, all models can come with a range of adapters, connectors and extensions that will make it far simpler for you to clean those difficult-to-reach areas.

The method of disposal for each form, though, has several consequences beyond literally how you are going to throw away your waste. If you go for a vacuum cleaner that is bagged or bagless, they both have their own array of advantages and disadvantages. Let's dig into the pros and cons of both forms in greater detail to give you a clearer sense of which one is the right option for you.

The Benefits of Sanitaire S3681 Bags

There have been Bagged Vacuum Cleaners available for a long time. The bag usually slips into a portion of fabric that zips around the bag and can be quickly withdrawn and substituted once it becomes complete. Although it differs from model to model, the following list breaks down the most common advantages that come with a bagged vacuum.

Less Maintenance Needed

In general, vacuum cleaners with bags need fewer maintenance than their equivalents without bags. There are several explanations for this, although it comes down largely to the following; Bags may carry up to two pounds of debris such that they do not need to adjust just as much. Also, it never needs to be washed since the filter is installed straight into the bag, and you already know precisely what the right time to change the filter is.

Filtering from HEPA

Sanitaire vacuum bags style stAlthough this is not always the situation, HEPA filters are mostly used by bagged vacuum cleaners to actually capture much of the allergens in the house. HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are widely recommended for all, but particularly for those who regularly experience symptoms of allergies. The filters have to go through stringent tests to ensure that they can absorb at least 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns or larger that is why they gained the label 'HEPA.' In addition, HEPA filters are known to remove more dust particles and debris than any other form of filter that is usable, particularly in vacuum cleaners.

Recommended for Those Who Suffer from Allergies

For people with allergies, this form of vacuum is often the preferred type of vacuum cleaner. lyThe bag itself acts as a perfect cleaner which is highly efficient in trapping debris, dirt, and other pollutants into the interior of the bag. It is almost unlikely for the dust and allergens to leak out into the air and impact you again since the containers are airtight.

Hygienic Option

It is considered that bagged vacuums are very eco-friendly. This is for a number of purposes, and not only that a closed bag includes debris and waste. Over the years, technical advances have helped to hold waste, debris and potential allergens protected inside the container, not just during the operation of the vacuum cleaner, but when the bag is withdrawn from the storage system. Enabling you to collect and discard the bag without causing a big mess as well as discouraging any potential effect of your wellbeing from coming back into the environment with such possible allergens. You would also not have to clean or repair the filter as much as necessary, a job that should be performed regularly for bagless types (see manufacturers guidebook for exact time frame).

Please note: in all forms of vacuum cleaners, HEPA filters are available and are not limited to packaged units only. For more information do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you. Call us today at 1-800-322-2965

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