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Commercial motor carpet extractorSanitaire extractors and commercial-grade cleaning machines for carpets are top-quality and heavy-duty, efficient for cleaning companies that handle large cleaning contracts.

Sanitaire Restore SC6095A Carpet Extractor

This machine is a well-known model that removes stains from carpets. The Sanitaire Restore SC6095A is self-contained, has a floating brush roll, and a fixed vacuum shoe. "For fast, productive cleaning performance, nine-gallon tank, 18" cleaning path, and wide wheels. Separately sold optional wand and hose for detail cleaning.


The Restore carpet extractor gives you an excellent cleaning experience endorsed by Carpet and Rug Institute certification. Broad carpeted areas with a nine-gallon tank and an 18" cleaning path are easy to clean with this backpack vacuum.

Switching on has been made easy by the switch-on button on the handle, simplifying use. For exceptional deep cleaning on carpets, this vacuum also has a fixed vacuum shoe and a floating, 18-inch chevron brush roll.

This portable vacuum has large wheels that make movement quick and effortless. For more convenience, you can purchase upholstery and other cleaning tools, which are sold separately.

Sanitaire SC6080 Extractor

The Sanitaire Commercial Extractors will fulfill every need, cleaning every spot and covering an expansive area. The Sanitaire SC6080 or the Sanitaire SC6090 will also properly clean larger carpets. Just as upright vacuums, the SC6080 is a canister-style model. Its 15-foot hose and 12-inch wand enable you to clean the expansive carpeted areas in your home within a short time.

This carpet cleaner is an ideal choice for companies that need spotless carpets such as hotels, restaurants, and offices, an investment that saves you money. This top-quality carpet cleaner has a 3-stage motor, 9-gallon tank, and 150 psi water pressure to help maintain sparklingly clean carpets. It is sturdy and durable to give you many years of service.

The wide rear wheels make it simple to steer the extractor. Sanitaire cleaning machines are trusted for their exceptional features and cleaning power. The SC6080 is no exception. It is also strong and highly durable.  


Electrolux sanitaire commercial carpet extractor

  1. 3-stage motor

  2. 137” water lift

  3. 150 psi pump

  4. Large gallon with the capacity of 9 gallons

  5. 15- foot long hose

  6. 50-feet long power cord

  7. 12-inch cleaning wand

  8. Large rear wheels

  9. One-year warranty

For faster cleaning and collection of dirt from carpets and upholstery, you can purchase an accessory kit that comes with a 3-inch long metal cleaning tool and a hose that extends for up to 8 feet.

Sanitaire SC6075A Extractor

If you are on a carpet extractor quest but not searching for some giant which is even impossible to move, Sanitaire has the right product for you. For those fast extractions that don't need a large extractor to remove, the SC6075A Spot Clean Extractor is ideal. The SC6075A is said to be among the lightest stain-removing extractors.

The SC6075A Spot Clean Extractor comes with a large capacity of 1.6 gallons, enabling you to finish the entire cleaning session without stopping to refill, so don't let its small size fool you. For quick refilling and washing, the recovery and solution tanks are easy to remove. The big, easily movable wheels make it even simpler to move around, cleaning every mess on the carpet. The SC6075A blends in well with most of your other cleaning equipment.

  • Sanitaire SC6075A Accessories

Portable spot carpet extractorA range of accessories comes with the SC6075A. To enhance expert effectiveness in handling stain removal, the hose nozzle utilizes a targeted spray technique. The nozzle also functions as a suction hose that removes the stain after it has been treated. The 8-feet long suction hose makes treating a stain easier. The Sanitaire SC6075A has utility hand tools and a floor tool to enhance comfortable stain treatment.

  • Features 

The large wheels make the mobility of SC6075A very easy. The wheels are made of rubber, ensuring that they don’t leave marks on floors. The targeted spray extraction perfects cleaning stains on carpets, upholstery, and stairs. This extractor has easily removable tanks for easy cleaning.

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