SC5713B Sanitaire Vacuum

Sanitaire sc5845d A commercial quality vacuum cleaner is the SC5713 Sanitaire Force. The Quiet Clean set, with the innovative Sanitaire HEPA filtration device, increases the consistency of indoor air when cleaning.

The Sanitaire SC5713 vacuum is UL classified for consumer usage and contains a reusable HEPA filter, catching dust and pathogen fragments down to 0.3 microns in size which is 240 times smaller than a human hair. On-board equipment and a large diameter hose resilient to blocking up that reaches 10 feet are supplied all over the vacuum.

This Sanitaire vac uses the Sanitaire HEPA Vacuum Device which could be exactly what you require to reduce the effects of asthma and allergies with a consumer vacuum cleaner, suitable for either commercial or domestic use. No other commercial upright filters are safer if the reusable HEPA filter that absorbs dust and pathogens in the air is used.

These long-lasting and efficient commercial engine models are also remarkably quiet and have several additional functionalities which might simplify cleaning.

To help avoid the function of the unit without the need for a bag in place, the SC5713 Sanitaire vacuums feature a bag lid security latch. This device provides the user with unmatched comfort and power of productivity, making it ideal for corporate offices such as restaurants and hotels, but also for households, apartments, and other residential buildings.

The 13-inch cleaning allows you to clean all places of your commercial area with one quick cleaning effortlessly. The long 40-ft power cord helps to reduce plugging and disconnecting so that you can vacuum without glitches from beginning to end. Three vacuum connectors are included: crevice instrument, extension wand, and dusting brush. For questions or requests for assistance, please call 1.800.322.2965 to talk to a qualified vacuum cleaner expert.

What's included in the Box:

Sanitaire sc5815d

  • Suction hose 

  • Upright Vacuum of SC5713

  • Product manual

  • 2-year warranty

  • Crevice tool 

  • Dusting brush 

  • Nesting Cleaning wand

  • One pre-installed filter for the motor 

  • One exhaust filter that has been pre-installed


Uses HEPA filtration making sure the air quality of your business or home is perfect

  • Has a wide, 13-inch cleaning path

  • Brushroll window to make the user ready when belt require to be changed

  • The quiet process at 73 quietness

  • The HEPA filter is washable

  • The hose could stretch up to ten feet, helping to avoid blockage

  • Onboard accessories

  • Two-year Sanitaire Performance Warranty including components and labor.

For a complete two years, the Sanitaire Pledge of Value guarantee includes products, tools, craftsmanship, and labor. It is supported by a network in the United States with more than 1200 warranty support centers.

24/7 Do Not Disturb:

Sanitaire sc7100aThe Sanitaire SC5713 is rated at 69 dBA, QuietClean systems Sanitaire premium line offers 24/7 cleaning at 70 dBA or less at any time of the day that is equal to the noise frequency of normal interaction.

CRI Seal of Approval:

We conduct and have an excellent cleaning experience assisted by qualification from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). With the CRI Bronze Stamp of Approval, the SC5713B is accredited.

HEPA  filters

The HEPA device captures particulate matter for greater air quality.

LEED Daytime Quiet

With our 70 dBA or fewer robots, they clean quietly and effectively throughout the day to support organizations, hold energy costs down and retain their LEED accreditations. The measurement of SC5713 is 69 dBA.

Multi-Cleaning for Surfaces

Complete every job with carpet, appliances, and above-floor room cleaning devices. A 10-foot stretch hose, a two-piece wand, a crevice machine, and a dusting brush are provided.

FORCE QuietClean

The SC5713B FORCETM QuietClean® upright is accredited with the CRI Bronze Stamp of Approval for outstanding cleaning. Featuring an included washable HEPA filter for healthier pollution to catch 99.97 percent of contaminants. With a sound quality of 69 dBA, SC5713B FORCETM is LEED Approved for daytime cleaning. Requires on-board instruments and over-the-floor vacuum stretch hose.

The new SC5713B comes with enhancements, such as the new TrueBalance brush roll and an advanced damping mechanism that offers quiet efficiency with smooth running.

The new vacuum model SC5713 from Sanitaire comes with a safety latch for the bag seal such that the unit only works while the bag is in place. With on-board attachments for a 10-foot range, a wide air path to minimize blockage, and a 13-inch cleaning path, cleaning space from floor to ceiling has never been simpler.

Consider the hard-working Sanitaire HEPA Vacuum Machine, models SC5845B, SC5815B, SC5745B, and SC5713B, for outstanding green cleaning efficiency with less aggravation. Both versions are UL listed and approved with the CRI Bronze Stamp of Approval for consumer usage.

Green Cleaning

Superior washing and removal of smells

There are several versions of the Sanitaire Quiet Clean Line to fit your personal cleaning needs. In order to obtain CRI Green LabelTM certification and conform to LEED requirements, Pick Green Cleaning vacuums have undergone stringent efficiency checks. Sanitaire HEPA vacuums are equipped with a unique filtration device that only releases clean air back into the room. Allergen vacuum bags that catch fine, allergen-sized dust particles are featured in Sanitaire models.

To get further information regarding any system, contact Think Vacuum customer service and you will be guided. Call us today on 1.800.322.2965 to get a fast answer.

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