SEBO Canister Vacuums Are Versatile Wonders

If you want a household or office vacuum that delivers more power than an upright, try a SEBO canister model. They feature superior pick up and cleaning power in a small package and come equipped with convenient onboard attachments. SEBO vacuums are made in Germany and are the best vacuums for allergy and asthma relief and pet hair removal. Two favorite models are illustrated below, and you can see more by clicking here.

91620AM Airbelt E2 Turbo Canister Vacuum Airbelt K3 9687AM Red Canister Vacuum

SEBO manufactures vacuums that are used in top government institutions, hotels, hospitals, and universities worldwide. Even the White House and Buckingham Palace use them because they are so effective and efficient. Their advanced technologies are now available for use in your home, office, business, or vacation home.

SEBO products have received recognition and awards from many organizations, including:

  • Consumer’s Digest
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Time Magazine
  • Real Simple
  • Wired Test

Their technology is superior to other leading brands and is unprecedented in the vacuum cleaner industry. Try one, and you will discover its many benefits and exceptional deep cleaning.

Canister Benefits Over Upright Vacuum Cleaners Are Impressive

Although canister vacuums are not as well known as uprights, their benefits are impressive and can ensure your home is as clean as it can. Some of these benefits include:

  • Their motors are powerful for superior floor cleaning on any type of floor material.
  • You can easily maneuver canisters for quick vacuuming in any room.
  • The main body rolls effortlessly on smooth rubber coated wheels.
  • Handles are ergonomic, and the extended power cord makes vacuuming easy.

In addition to the list above, we’d like to point out why home and business owners like canister vacs:

  • Canister vacuums come with attachments for cleaning any floor surface.
  • They come with effective tools for cleaning stairs, curtains, and upholstery.
  • Today’s SEBO models are compact and stylish.
  • They vacuum under and around furniture effortlessly.
  • Canisters are quieter than upright models.

Additionally, you will like the dual-part design that makes them easy to move. You only move the powerhead and hose around rooms, not an entire heavy upright. Their suction allows for removing dust, dirt, pet dander, and other debris in the smallest and tightest places. Both bag and bagless models have straightforward dust and dirt removal compared to upright vacuums.

Effectively Using Your Canister Vacuum

It’s easy to switch from using an upright vacuum to a canister model by following a few simple steps. Most people like the idea of using a long hose and moving the vacuum less across the room. This saves strain on your neck, shoulders, and back muscles, and allows you to clean floors faster. Just add the correct tool for the job to the handle and hose, plug in, and start.

The powerful motor suction allows you to clean floors with a single pass because it picks up smaller particles deep in the carpet pile, and the head covers a wide area as you move quickly across the floors. Also, think about how much time you will save by using the same tool for floors, walls, and baseboards instead of turning off the machine and detaching the hose as required by upright models. Check out this link for even more cleaning tips for your home or office.

Moving from floors to walls and ceilings is a breeze by adding an extension wand. Additionally, many canister models hold more dust, dirt, and other debris than upright models, saving you even more time by emptying the vacuum fewer times during the month. SEBO canister vacuums help keep your home’s air cleaner with superior filtration. While you can clean just about anything with a SEBO canister vacuum, there are a few things that you should not vacuum, click here to see a list.

Save Time and Money by Ordering SEBO Vacuums Online

Don’t spend time going from one retailer to another looking for a SEBO canister vacuum when you can find the best deals online. is America’s leading dealer for all types of vacuums, accessories, tools, attachments, and advice. We currently stock six models for your convenience and needs, and more are on the way.

When you think about buying from our vast inventory, think about these factors:

  • The overall size of your house
  • The number of floors in your home
  • Will you use the vacuum for your car?
  • Do you have any physical limitations?
  • How often do you vacuum?
  • Do you have several pets and/or children?

If you do have children or pets, physical limitations, or a second story, you should consider options with a combination of power and lighter weight. Talk to one of our experts for help with choosing the model that is right for you by calling  1.877.415.9870. Our products, prices, and service are unbeatable by any other online or retail store.