SEBO Central Vacuum Kit

Central vacuum accessory kitManufactured in Germany, SEBO vacuum kits and attachments are known worldwide for being among the most efficient and best aligned in the industry. SEBO central vacuum attachment kit contains a wide variety of premium tools that guarantee the best cleaning performance possible. Additionally, each of the tools in this kit is designed to provide many years of top-quality performance. Each premium kit features a high-quality electric hose, a powerhead, and a collection of attachments and accessories such as an upholstery tool, dusting brush, hard flooring brush, hose, a hose sock, and a hose hanger. There is also a powerful bare floor tool with brush strips and exceptionally soft rubber wheels that protect your floor from scratches.

SEBO Powerheads

There are several reasons why SEBO powerheads are a favorite for many homeowners. They can easily wash most types of floors, have outstanding pet hair removal ability and have low maintenance costs. They have alert systems that guarantee continuously successful brush agitation and provide automatic shut-off if an obstacle jams their brush rollers, which prevents the belts, motors, and carpets from damage. Also, it is easy to detach their brush rollers if you need to wash or replace them.

Regardless of the model, all SEBO powerheads can be used on any existing central vacuum for replacement. All that is required for it to fit is a universal adapter. SEBO powerheads are designed for heavy use on carpets of all types and thicknesses in both commercial and residential settings. Here are some of the features that set the SEBO electric powerheads apart from the rest.

  • The SEBO electric powerhead has a ten-year warranty

  • It features a quick-disconnect neck and height-adjustable wand with internal wiring

  • It has an electric sensor system that automatically turns the powerhead off in case the brush gets jammed

  • The belt drive is designed to retain direct power to the brush roll

SEBO ET-1 Central Vacuum Accessory Kit

The SEBO ET-1 kit contains every tool you need to clean any kind of surface in your house. This kit has a powerhead that features a 12-inch cleaning path, a 3 ½” flat-to-the-floor design, and four-level adjustable brush height. This head is L-shaped for cleaning under furniture and has 180-degree steering capability making it extremely easy to maneuver. The ET-1 powerhead is also ideal for pet owners as it offers a handy clog remover with a warning light in case of a brush obstruction. The alert system is fitted with an automatic shut-off mechanism that helps rid the brush of clutter quickly. 

The SEBO ET-1 accessory kit includes:

Best central vacuum hose kit

  • SEBO ET-1 12” wide powerhead

  • 35ft hose

  • Hose sock

  • Hose hanger

  • Non-electric telescoping wand

  • Electric telescoping wand

  • Crevice tool

  • Upholstery tool

  • Dusting brush

  • Hard flooring brush

  • Hard floor dust mop

SEBO ET-2 Central Vacuum Accessory Kit

This package also features everything you need for cleaning any surface. The ET-2 powerhead has similar features to the ET-1, but it offers a 15-inch cleaning path. It is also ideal for pet owners and is extremely maneuverable. 

The SEBO ET-2 kit includes a hard floor brush, hard floor dust mop, dusting brush, an electric and a non-electric telescopic wand, upholstery tool, crevice tool 35ft or 30ft hose, hose sock, and hose hanger.

Have a feel of our incredibly efficient central vacuum output and cleaning flexibility with our wide range of cleaning accessories, kits, and powerheads. From SEBO central vacuum bag attachments and fittings, we have them all at ThinkVacuums. These accessories are specially made for modern home upholstery and furnishings and clean all surfaces and crevices.

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