SEBO floor brushes

SEBO floor brushesSEBO is a leading manufacturer of upright and canister vacuums. A SEBO vacuum can only be bought from an authorized SEBO vacuum cleaner dealer. They are durable and practically designed for easy use and access. They also emit very low emissions due to a high-end multi-step filtration system and mostly recommend removing pet hair from carpet.

Are you in search of SEBO floor brushes necessary to perform your cleaning activities? We at Think Vacuums have SEBO floor brushes that help remove allergens, dirt, and dust from your home. Depending on the model you choose, our vacuum cleaners effectively clean both bare floors and carpets.

Most of our upright vacuum cleaners have a hospital-grade filtration system that functions in the removal of dirt and dust together with allergens. Should you have asthma or are allergic to dirt and dust, this is one of our most preferred vacuum cleaners. Above all, they are light and, therefore, do cleaning easily.

SEBO parquet floor brush


This is the smart all-purpose brush for any kind of floor. The brush was manufactured to clean any kind of floor. It features the state-of-the-art allergy-friendly S-Class Filtration system too. The machine is easy to maintain and keep up to date.

  1. 300 / 350 /450 EVOLUTION 

This brush was made to satisfy the essentials of vacuum cleaning. It provides reliability and effectiveness consistently! Having been a customer favorite and very durable, this gadget has managed to stay ahead of its competition to the point of setting the bar.

  1. SEBO EVOLUTION 320/ 370 / 470

This is a gadget that has proven to be very user-friendly. It offers the best cleaning services without fail. This gadget is the summit of the upright vacuum cleaner, with its proven performance, made possible by features that satisfy the user’s increasing demands for reliable performance.

  1. SEBO BS 360 / 460

This attachment is one filled with innovations. It combines the tested design and performance of its forerunners with complex Eco-friendly features and a top-tier HEPA filtration system.

SEBO premium parquet brush


It has a unique rotating swivel neck with a built-in hose handle. It sets a brand new bar for the industry using the most advanced techniques and works as a higher standard for your professional cleaning requirements.


This floor cleaner works best with hardwood floors. It gives them a shine that makes them look new. It functions with new technology, the patented drive disc. This gives it an automatic torque. Its controlled height changing capabilities guarantee that the floor padding is at its optimum setting. 

With a 2000 U per minute revolution and equipped with a resin housing micro diamonds, the SEBO DART 3 makes a unique glossy effect on the surface of the floor. The in-built SEBO DART eradicates fine dust while polishing the floor. 


This gadget sets a new standard for the design and functionality of vacuum cleaners. Since its inception, it has been great at home and very useful to professional cleaners too. It can clean different kinds of floors and picks up any form of debris.


This SEBO original was created to clean carpets. When the two are used together, they optimally clean our carpet, removing all debris in it. If you are cleaning a hotel room, a conference room, or a living room at home, you can trust the SEBO duo and duo-p to get the job done. 

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