SEBO Felix 1 Premium Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo vacuum dealer near meVacuuming with the SEBO Felix 1 Premium upright vacuum cleaner is one of the most enjoyable experiences. With its swivel neck, you do not have to worry about maneuvering around the house's furniture and other objects. The Felix 1 vacuum combines its telescopic handle, suctioning control knob, and hose, which is also the handle to increase its versatility. The parquet nozzle is best suited for cleaning hardwood floors.

If an object gets trapped inside the power nozzle, the automatic shutdown setting turns the FELIX 1 Premium off. This setting prevents the damage that the object could cause. You no longer have to worry yourself over the brush wearing out because the Felix 1 has a light that alerts you when your brush is worn. You can also set the vacuum cleaner to the desired height for the specific cleaning task.

SEBO Felix 4 Kombi Vacuum Cleaner

This upright vacuum cleaner has a large filter bag to help minimize the frequency you purchase replacement bags. The SEBO Felix 4 Kombi vacuum cleaner also has shutdown configurations to prevent damage and prolong your vacuum’s life.

The vacuum has indicator lights for the brush roll and dust bag changing. You can detach the body from the power hose to convert it into a portable hand vacuum.

SEBO Felix 2 Premium Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The SEBO Felix 2 Premium upright vacuum cleaner has indicators to alert you when you need to replace the bag when the height is improper for the task at hand. You will also be alerted of clogs and worn brushes. The motor again shuts down on sensing a clog inside the power nozzle. The filtration system meets the hospital standards of trapping the allergens inside.

The filters have an electrostatically charged material that attracts the dust to hold onto its surface. Make sure you seal the dust bag to avoid scattering the dust into the air during disposal. You can convert the vacuum into a handheld unit when cleaning high surfaces and furniture, you only need to detach the suction unit from the power nozzle. 

SEBO Automatic X4 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

This is the best SEBO vacuum for pet owners. With the auto X4 pet turbo brush, you can vacuum your car, the constricted areas in the house, and upholstery. The hose can extend to 9-foot for easy maneuvering. The powerful filtration system retains the sucked pet fur, hair, and other debris inside.

The X4 Pet brush roll automatically adjusts its height as you vacuum different floor types for effective suction without damage.

SEBO Automatic X4 Vacuum Cleaner

The SEBO Automatic X4 vacuum cleaner maintains the suction levels as the brush roll switch to different height as you clean other surfaces. The extension hose facilitates cleaning over a larger area, while the detachable hose allows you to clean high surfaces and the ceiling. The large dust bags help you save money and time on many purchases and changes.  The filtration ensures that the allergens are trapped, and the indicator alerts you when it is time to change the bag. 

SEBO Automatic X5 Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo premium canister vacuumThis vacuum cleaner is suited for household cleaning and commercial use. The vacuum cleaner has automatic height adjustment features that enhance impeccable transitions from one floor-type to the other. You will receive alerts on clogs, full dust bags, and brush replacement. With the help of an installed sensor, adjusts the brush height to retain maximum suction power without damaging the vacuum.

The power-cord is 40-foot long, reducing the need for unplugging as you vacuum surfaces. The large filter bags and top-rated filtration make this vacuum suitable for hospitals and homeowners who suffer from allergies.

SEBO Essential G2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The SEBO Essential G2 is mostly preferred for commercial cleaning because of its super-efficient filtration system. The dust particles and allergens are locked inside the filter bags. The bag seals up to prevent the debris from scattering all over during disposal. This vacuum will ensure your home atmosphere is totally clean.

SEBO Essential G1 Vacuum Cleaner

The SEBO Essential G1 is an upright easy to maintain vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner has indicator lights for multiple alerts.  This vacuum also features an automatic shutdown feature. The brush roll is also reasonably easy to change.

SEBO features these and many other vacuums that leave the atmosphere clean. Contact Think Vacuums for the SEBO vacuum of your choice, for maintenance services and replacement tools.  

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