History of SEBO Vacuums

Sebo vacuum bags and filters SEBO is one of the world’s greatest brands of vacuum cleaners. Millions of families and corporations use SEBO vacuums because they are effective in removing soil and waste of all sorts. They vacuum carpets, tiles, tapestries, and bare floors. If you need Sebo vacuums, you can contact Think vacuums for purchase and more information.

SEBO was founded in 1978 in Velbert, Germany when Stein and Co were founded. Since then their high-quality commercial and domestic vacuum products have been available to American markets since the year making SEBO an iconic figure in the vacuum cleaning trade. So far the brand has supplied over 4 million vacuums worldwide in Europe, North America, Africa, and New Zealand.

Think Vacuums provide a variety of floor, tapestry equipment, and accessories, and their aspirations of quality and affordable masterpieces are distinct. The two primary vacuums produced by SEBO are canister vacuums and upright vacuums.  They are very effective, productive, and simple to use. The company also boasts some of the most high-tech vacuum devices and systems in the world that have been developed using advanced systems and technology.

They include:

  • Electrostatic micro-filters
  • S-class filtering system
  • Integrated suction hose system for the upright vacuums
  • Timing-belt-driven brushes equipped with clutch protection
  • Specially designed dust bags that fill from the top
  • Safety shut off system
  • Designated electronic brush control system
  • Automatic height adjustment that is electronically controlled
  • Soft bumpers around the canister vacuums to protect the vacuum and furniture

Why SEBO Vacuums are Unique 

SEBO vacuum is one of the strongest in the world.  Below are the characteristics that give SEBO vacuums a unique podium amongst vacuum cleaners. 

Suction Force

A vacuum is as useless as a block of wood without proper suction. A vacuum is meant only to gather debris and waste for disposal. A suction plays an important role in this. The very first SEBO vacuum cleaners had a good suction capacity and their power has only been increasing with time. Therefore, it is easy to clean your home or office if you already have one. 

Ability to Clean a Variety of Surfaces 

Another incredible aspect of all SEBO vacuums in this series is that they can be used for hard floors and tapestries. The height change or brush roll control system and the mixture of the two make it possible to adjust to your needs easily. You also receive a range of appliances to help clean the surface.

Asthma and Allergy Friendly

Buy Sebo vacuum bagsBoth SEBO vacuums are equipped with HEPA-level SEBO filters. Allergens of 0.3 microns in size can be collected. Moreover, the vacuums are carefully screened. When it comes to soil disposal, bagged vacuums are safer than bagless ones. 

It may be unpleasant when scraping debris from a bagless vacuum. That cannot be said concerning bagged vacuums. They are best for people with allergies and asthma because emptying is easy and mess-free. You just have to take off the bag, dump it in the garbage, and put another in the vacuum.

Friendly to pets 

If you are a pet guardian, at one point or the other I'm sure you suffered from pet fur. You might have looked for a supposedly decent vacuum. The good news is that the problems might just end. 

SEBO aspirations are some of the best aspirations this year on the market. They collect pet fur and clean your carpets, rough floors, and tapestry.


SEBO vacuums have been rated to be a bit pricey compared to the average vacuums and with a reason; the durability and performance are unrivaled. The products are manufactured to last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Indicator lights

There are not many vacuums with bags that automatically prompt you to change the bag. The amazing thing is that SEBO vacuums have been designed to go one step higher. In addition to asking you if your bag is full, the indicator lights would also alert you of obstructions. This guarantees a strong suction of the vacuum and that lasts for a long time as filter damage is prevented. Replacement SEBO vacuum bags and filters are readily available.


You should purchase a vacuum with a long power cable to eliminate the need to use extension cables. The vacuum cocks of SEBO have very long cords that help you to clean large spaces. The Automate X5 and even the Airbelt D4 actually have a 40-foot cable – quite long, right? The Airbelt K3 has a comparatively short power line, but the overall length remains wide at 37 feet. 

Simple brushes to clean 

Sebo vacuum bags and filters Any individual who has been using a SEBO vacuum brush will know that they are among the best brushes in the market. Even for natural dirt and litter or for the fur of the cat, it is very easy to clean.

SEBO vacuums are designed to use HEPA-level SEBO filters. These filters can trap allergens smaller than 0.3 microns. In addition, the vacuums are air-tight so that collected dust and dirt will be safely emptied and disposed of. At Think Vacuums, we supply bagged and bagless SEBO vacuums. The bagged vacuum is the best option for asthmatic people because disposing of dirt is dust-free since you only need to remove the bag and replace the vacuum with a new one. 

Purchase SEBO Vacuums Today!

Our expectation is that you chose the ideal vacuum, fit for your home or office. SEBO vacuums are among the finest vacuums available today. Despite their relatively high cost, their flexibility and efficiency can only be surpassed by a few. 

The Automatic X5 is preferred but both other choices are fine as well. You will not be disappointed with your decision, whether you have bare floors or a carpet, pets or no pets. Feel free to contact Think Vacuums for SEBO vacuum deliveries.

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