SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Attachments


SEBO is a leading manufacturer of the canister and upright vacuums. A SEBO vacuum cleaner can only be purchased from an authorized SEBO vacuum dealer. They are durable and practically designed for easy use and access. 

Due to their high-end multi filtration systems, the vacuums produce very low emissions. They are also the most recommendable vacuums for removing pet hair from floors and carpets. 

Are you in search of vacuum cleaner attachments necessary to perform your cleaning activities? We at Think Vacuums have SEBO upright vacuum cleaners that help remove allergens, dirt, and dust from your home. 

Depending on the model you choose, our vacuum cleaners effectively clean both bare floors and carpets. Most of our upright vacuum cleaners have a hospital-grade filtration system that functions in the removal of dirt and dust together with allergens. 

Should you have asthma or are allergic to dirt and dust, this is one of our most preferred vacuum cleaners. Above all, they are light and, therefore, do cleaning easily.

Most SEBO upright vacuum cleaners have a 3-stage procedure filtration system installed. This is to ensure that you have air free from dust, dirt, and allergy particulars.

Reliability is our standard and serves as SEBO’s statement of quality. We offer quality devices to customers and even have a free seven-year warranty with absolutely shipping costs regardless of which part of the world you are in. Furthermore, they include a five-year warranty on non-wear parts and a lifetime warranty on their belts. 

Quite a deal, right? SEBO upright vacuum cleaners are designed and produced in Germany. They are manufactured to last for long periods. That German quality will save you a whole load of cash on both the parts and the frequent replacement costs.

 SEBO Vacuum Supplies and Attachments

SEBO is the leading manufacturer of high-quality vacuum cleaner filters, bags, and even electric powerheads. They are not oblivious to the fact that these machines or their parts wear out; therefore, they manufacture necessary attachments that make the functioning of their SEBO vacuum cleaners incredibly quick and easy.

SEBO Vacuum machines, be they filters, powerheads, or bags, are made for efficient performance. SEBO Vacuum cleaners are robust and durable machines that are reliable and of an excellent standard. Besides, they contain a three-step filtration procedure that makes these machines incredibly convenient for persons with asthma and other allergies. 

SEBO vacuums are in a class of their own as they contain an S class HEPA filtration system. This HEPA filtration is fitted with three layers and hospital grade filters that ensure 99.9% elimination of dust and dirt. 


We also have a selection of odor eliminating filters at your disposal. Once in a while, it is crucial to change your filters. Should you advance from an S class filter to a HEPA filter, you need to buy a HEPA BOX. This is because S class filters need a heavier material to capture the same percentage of dirt as HEPA filters. In this case, you need a slightly lighter material. HEPA boxes contain four-ply dust bags.

Should you be interested in buying a SEBO X, G, or 370, we strongly advise you to purchase a nine-foot extension hose. An extended hose comes in handy in situations where you can hardly reach it. 

Using an extension makes it easier to clean. For some, a handheld turbo brush will do. The handheld brush contains a roller that is charged by the suction power of your vacuum. Your attachment should be in line with the model you have. Always consult with our team of specialists at Think Vacuums.

Dusting brush- dusting brushes come in handy for cleaning windows around the corner of walls or for cleaning blinds. For some of the SEBO Vacuums, you may have to buy this tool to ensure you get the right one.

The floor polishing head is attached to the bottom of the power brush, and you are good to go. It can easily be attached and detached.

For any SEBO vacuum attachments that might need replacement, we at Think Vacuums got you covered. SEBO, a German-based manufacturer, gives authority to a couple of dealers. Should you break or lose a cleaning part, we will help you find the perfect fit.

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