SEBO Vacuum Bags

SEBO is a German-based vacuum manufacturer known for its top-quality machine. The SEBO vacuum bags are big enough to allow you up to 50 hours of use without replacement. The bags are also easily disposable without littering your compound because the sealing is very firm. 

SEBO has come up with models designed to improve your comfort and style. The vacuums come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. 

SEBO FELIX 2 Premium Upright Vacuum

Vacuum bag saleThis vacuum comes with an indicator that alerts the user of improper brush height, full dust bags, clogs, and worn-out brushes. The SEBO FELIX 2 Premium motor shuts off automatically in case of a clog. The 3-step hospital-level filtration clears allergens from the atmosphere by attracting the suctioned dust to the filter surfaces that are electrostatically charged.

Removing the full dust bag is easy and litter-free. For convenience, seal the bag correctly to avoid messing up your surfaces. Countertop and upholstery cleaning just got more comfortable with this vacuum. You can convert SEBO Felix 2 into a hand vacuum by detaching the suction unit from the power nozzle. 

SEBO Felix 1

SEBO FeLix 1 has a rotating neck that makes it easily navigable. This vacuum is as versatile as a canister vacuum because of its features. Its hose also doubles up as a handle. It has a telescopic handle, a parquet nozzle, and a suction power control knob.

In case an object gets trapped in the power nozzle, the motor automatically goes off. When the brush wears out or not at the right setting for the cleaning task, the indicator alerts you to take the necessary measures. These features are combined with the S-Class filtration, eliminating almost every allergen particle down to 0.3 microns from your home interior.

SEBO Automatic X4 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Do you own a pet and their fur has become a nuisance? The SEBO Automatic X4 Pet vacuum is specifically designed to clean pet hair. Cleaning your car, the hidden areas, and upholstery is made easier by the extension hose that is as long as 9-foot.

The 3-step hospital-grade filtration sucks up all fluff and pet hair and ensures it remains inside the filter bag. Its brush roll is automated to switch height according to the floor type you are cleaning.

SEBO Felix 4 Kombi Vacuum Cleaner

SEBO vacuum bags and filtersThe large filter bag minimizes the cost and time spent on bag purchases, changes, and disposals. Objects trapped inside its hose will not damage its functionality because it has the automatic shut-down feature. The warning system will alert you in case the brush wears out, or the bag needs replacing. You can disconnect this model's power nozzle to allow easy movement while cleaning.

SEBO Electronic 370 Vacuum Cleaner

The Electronic 370 is designed to last and give you comfort during the cleaning session. It offers a deep cleaning effect on both high and low-pile carpets and cleans even under low furniture objects. Suction power is easily adjustable with the use of a foot pedal. 

SEBO Automatic X4 Vacuum Cleaner

The Automatic X4 brush roll changes its height from one floor-type to the other faultlessly while still maintaining its suction power. Its extension wand and detachable hose allow the flexibility of cleaning the ceiling and above the floors. The dust bag is large, which means fewer replacements and purchases.

The debris that gets into the bag is trapped to its electrostatically charged sides to ensure they are not blown back into the air. When the bag needs replacing, the system will alert you. 

SEBO Essential G1 Vacuum Cleaner

The Essential G1 upright shuts off to prevent damage if an object is accidentally trapped inside the hose. The system alerts you whenever you need to service your machine. In combination with the easy change brush roll, these features make it one of the easiest vacuums to maintain. 

SEBO Automatic X5 Vacuum Cleaner

The automatic X5 brush roll self-adjusts between surfaces without a glitch without compromising suction power. You will receive alerts for a clogged hose, a worn brush, or a full bag. The brush roll has self-adjusting features, and the filtration is s-class. The cord is 40-foot long to give the user a long cleaning radius. 

Most of the SEBO models come with large bags that allow users up to fifty hours of use without replacing them. Think Vacuums is an authorized SEBO vacuum and parts dealer. Call us to get your vacuum cleaner today.

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