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The History of SEBO Vacuums

Commercial Sebo vacuum SEBO was established in 1978 and has become the world's largest producer of high-quality consumer upright vacuum cleaners. Two German engineers were convinced, around 80 years after the first vacuum cleaner patent was given, to redesign the vacuum cleaner. These gentlemen formed Stein & Co. with abilities in both philosophy and hands-on-work. GmbH in Velbert, Germany, and built the SEBO 350 in 1978. This vacuum cleaner has been designed to pass the most challenging test: to make it easy for cleaning professionals to operate. This first model quickly amazed the challenging cleaning workers of hotels, hospitals, and offices because of the revolutionary technological advances that enabled efficient cleaning of all forms of carpet and the ability to clean the tightest corners. The first SEBO created quite a stir with the inclusion of special features such as an incorporated hose, a clutch-protected brush roller, and a bypass generator.

SEBO has concentrated on supplying its consumers with the main advantages of ease-of-use, durability, cleaning performance, and high filtration in the manufacturing process of its different vacuum cleaners. Naturally, the characteristics and reliability of the vacuums of SEBO have also contributed to competition in the consumer industry.

Today, SEBO is the world leader in consumer upright vacuum cleaners, with more than 3,000,000 upright vacuum cleaners delivered, and all SEBO machines are still built and assembled in Velbert. For this cause, world-renowned carpet manufacturers suggest the SEBO vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning in order to preserve the consistency and value of the carpet.

The Canadian customer sector now has links to these outstanding residential goods across the increasing network found on the dealers' page of this website. You will now have the technical knowledge and special architecture characteristics of SEBO in your home!

SEBO vacuum cleaners often emerge as the best when tested against other recognized brands. What actually makes them the best is their outstanding performances among other characteristics given below.

SEBO Exclusive 10 Year Warranty

Best Sebo vacuum We ensure that when it comes to cleaning up, you may count on us for several years to come. In our development, we are positive and know that for the near future, the vacuum you purchase today can keep your home dust-free. All of our vacuums are made to last and come with our 10-year extended warranties.

S-Class Filtration

3 filtration stages guarantee long-lasting efficiency and clean air. Before entering and leaving each of our vacuums, airflow is purified, and our incredible bags have superior efficiency to bagless alternative solutions; they are also a more cost-effective choice as it could be inexpensive for new filters for bagless versions. By keeping the airflow clean and your dust confined, our filtration system provides a clog-free efficiency.

Ergonomic Design 

Both vacuums from SEBO are made to be accommodated anywhere since they have adjustable shapes and sizes. They make cleaning the floor quick with customizable handles and portable designs. Our nozzles reach through rough corners so that you do not have to, squeeze them and our lightweight designs ensure that with minimum effort from you, these vacuums can handle all corners.

Electrostatic Filtration 

Electrostatic filtration utilizes micro-fibers that are statically charged and draw dust particles from the air stream, which then bind to the fibers. This enables the filter material to have a very open texture that allows for improved suction efficiency with very strong airflow, but it still gives extremely efficient filtration.

SEBO is Environmentally Friendly

Rather than simply gazing at energy ratings, there is more to being environmentally friendly. Supporters of the atmosphere still like the responsible output of the vacuum. When it comes to selecting new appliances for the house, everybody understands how to search for quality, but what about the amount of energy used in their manufacturing and distribution? This will often well outweigh the energy used during a product's whole lifetime.

With SEBO, you are always assured that the air next to you will always be safe. This is the most efficient machine that you can use for your home. Always ensure that you get a quality one from Think vacuum. Call us today on 1.800.322.2965 and a team of experts will advise you accordingly. 

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