The Top-of-Range FELIX Premium Vacuum Cleaner is an upright vacuum

Best SEBO upright vacuum cleanerThis upright vacuum cleaner provides all the flexibility and adaptability of a canister vacuum but in an upright form. This cleaning machine has the capability of turning its neck to 180 degrees. 

Hence it guarantees enhanced steering, comes with a handheld vacuum unit that is detachable, and also a modern filtration system. For thorough cleaning of carpets, use the powerhead, when cleaning delicate carpets, you can turn off the brush roller.

The FELIX Premium Upright Vacuum Cleaner unit has an effective powerhead that renders it the most ideal lightweight pet vacuum unit. It has a 4 level height adjustment, which makes it easy for cleaning carpets and all types of flooring, it also has an auto switch off that makes sure delicate surfaces are cleaned only with the suction and not the brush roll. Its wheels are coated with rubber to ensure protection for your floor and carpets.

By attaching a DISCO head, the SEBO FELIX 1 unit can transform into a floor polisher. To ascertain the reliability of these vacuums, they come with a 7-year warranty for the motor, a 5-year warranty for parts, and also a labor warranty. The SEBO FELIX Vacuum is ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces, it offers the best cleaning experience as it’s an effortless machine to use, no need to worry about causing distractions to other people while cleaning as it is very quiet but still providing the best cleaning functionality.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Parquet power-nozzle that is the best for vacuuming hardwood floors. This vacuum provides a low cleaning capability that helps reach tight places like under tables and furniture, this feature is available across all SEBO upright vacuums.

SEBO FELIX 1 Premium upright vacuumThis vacuum unit is fitted with a warning light that alerts you when the set height is too high for the best performance or when your brush is worn. If the brush on this vacuum cleaner is obstructed, it will automatically shut itself off.

This SEBO vacuum cleaner comes with filter bags that can hold up to. 92 gallons of debris and dirt. Furthermore, this vacuum unit has an anti-odor filter that protects the motor from coming into contact with debris that might damage it. In addition, the vacuum comes with an exhaust filter that wraps around the structure of the vacuum, this not only filters dirt but also noise.

Generally, these upright vacuum units provide all the versatility that is present with a stick vacuum with the adaptability of a full-size upright vacuum and is suitable for any cleaning. Lastly, this SEBO vacuum cleaner has a noise rating of 68dB.

Quick-Use Suction Hose

Make use of the suction hose on your FELIX each time you need it. It’s best for quick cleaning since it’s easily accessible. Attach an extra accessory if you want to clean your furniture, curtains, baseboards, and many more.

Offers A Suction Control On The Handle To Modify Suction Levels

Modify the level of suction just with a push of a button. Minimizing and maximizing the suction level will assist in the prevention of damage to various types of carpets.

Comes With A 3 Level Adjustable Handle. 

The adjustable handle can be set to your preferred height, this makes cleaning a very comfortable exercise. 

Clean Multiple Floors And Surfaces With Confidence And Ease With SEBO FELIX attachments

The SEBO FELIX 1 can clean all types of flooring and carpets with no issues, these surfaces include bare floors, carpets, hardwood, and rugs, this means that you can clean all surfaces with utmost confidence. There is no need of changing the attachments as this vacuum’s head has the capability of all surface heights.

Can Also Be Used As A Handheld Vacuum

SEBO FELIX 1 filtrationThis vacuum unit is so lightweight that you can use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner. This feature is the best when cleaning areas that are very hard to reach with the other vacuum cleaners.

Easy To Change Brush Roll When Worn Out.

When the warning light alerts you that the brush roll is worn out, you can easily replace it without too much effort. This feature also makes it easy when cleaning the brush roll. No mechanical experience is required when removing it.

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