SEBO Vacuum Filters

SEBO vacuum filters are powerful specialized cleaning equipment that filters dirt through three steps, which makes them perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers. SEBO vacuums dust bags are three-layered with S-class HEPA filters. The filters are almost 100% effective at collecting dirt bits of 0.3 microns.

Some models feature filters that eliminate odors. Regular changing of filters is of utmost importance even when you have vacuum bags in plenty. In this case, check out our catalog to get the right replacement vacuum filter for your SEBO vacuum.

SEBO vacuum filters are not as complicated to use as they may sound. In fact, using them is a fascinating experience. All SEBO vacuums have three or two filters in their system.

SEBO S-Class Filters

Sebo accessoriesA microfilter does most filtration work with the help of a post or pre-motor filter. The pre-motor filter keeps large particles outside the motor section. Post motor filters are available to hold and carbonate the dust that is produced by motor brushes. SEBO always has two or more s-class filters regardless of configuration.

Every SEBO vacuum filter is S-Class. This electrostatic filter holds almost all particles and is as large as 0.3. Using the 4-ply filter bags have the capacity to hold more dirt. This means less dirt on the HEPA filter, allowing you to use it for up to 50 hours without replacement.

SEBO Motor Filters

The pre or post-motor filters usually have a coarser material that doesn't give the same filtration as S-Class or HEPA. Through electrostatic charge, they will trap very fine particles and enable you to protect your vacuum and ensure cleaner emissions and best air quality indoors. Just as the primary filters, exhaust, and motor filters are replaced every year, so should the motor filters.

 Finally, SEBO vacuum cleaner filters are not washable. Replace these filters now and then to reduce strain on your motor, increase the life of your SEBO vacuum and enhance the air quality in your home.

SEBO HEPA Filters & HEPA Boxes

The SEBO HEPA filter takes up to 99.97% particle filtration. It is important to know that if you decide to upgrade your HEPA filter into an S-Class Filter, you will need to buy a SEBO HEPA Box.

The S-Class filters have improved filtration rate due to the use of electrostatic properties which the HEPA filter does not have. HEPA filters need a fiber that is closely-knit to trap 99.97% of the particles effectively. This means that the tiny pores will clog faster than in the S-class filter.

HEPA Service Boxes come with dust bags that are uniquely styled. The HEPA box has 4-ply dust bags instead of the typical 3-ply dust bag. The fine fiber material of the HEPA filter makes it clog more easily than the electrostatic S-Class filter.

The main reason that the HEPA filter is the same as the S-Class filter's longevity is mainly because of the ultra dust bags contained in every HEPA box. The 4-ply Ultra bags are upgraded to ensure the bag traps more dirt, making the load less on the HEPA filter and enabling 50 hours of use before requiring replacement. If your vacuum has HEPA filters and you feel the need for better filtration, the HEPA box might help. It has all the mechanisms you require for complete HEPA filtration.

Electrostatic Filtration

Sebo filterboxThe micro-fibers are statically charged to attract dust particles as they enter the bag from the air stream and trap them on the fiber. The elimination of dust particles from the flowing air helps improve suction power.

S-Class Filtration

For the SEBO vacuums that do not have S-CLASS filtration, it is easy to upgrade them. S-CLASS filtration system eliminates up to 99.97% of the very tiny particles.  

3, 4-layer, and top-fill bags are an essential part of SEBO’s filtration system since they trap nearly all dirt caught inside the vacuum. Since the dirt particles get in from the top and settle at the bottom while the air leaves through the sides, the vacuum maintains suction power. It is not easy for dust to escape because the bag is sealable.

SEBO vacuums have top-rated filters that ensure clean and safe surroundings. If you want to get yours today, call Think Vacuums and place an order.

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