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As a vacuum’s cleaning power depends on its filter, the type, and control of the filtration system, when shopping for a vacuum cleaner, one should know the available varieties and the type of filters available.SEBO Vacuum cleaners are robust and durable machines that are reliable and of an excellent standard. 

Besides, they contain a three-step filtration procedure that makes these machines incredibly convenient for persons with asthma and other allergies. SEBO vacuums are in a class of their own as they contain an S class HEPA filtration system. 

This HEPA filtration is fitted with three layers and hospital grade filters that ensure 99.9% elimination of dust and dirt. We also have a selection of odor eliminating filters at your disposal. Once in a while, it is crucial to change your filters. We at Think Vacuums have a list of vacuum filters that could come in handy for replacement.






Different Kinds of Vacuum Bags Filters

Disposable Vacuum Bags

Disposable vacuum cleaner bags are manufactured from paper or cotton material. These bags are still crucial element styles of vacuum cleaners. Disposable vacuum bags are specific in terms of the type and the form of the vacuum cleaner. They allow air to pass while trapping the dirt in the bag. They are essential in the provision of filtration, and the filters are removed and discarded when full. A secondary filter accompanies them.

Reusable Vacuum Filters 

They are environmentally-friendly and low maintenance; a filter that can be washed and reused will save you extra maintenance costs. Purchasing them in large numbers ensures you do not deplete your filters as you can alternate between drying and washing. 

HEPA Filters

Kirby Generation Sentria Replacement HEPA Type Bags 939

 High-Efficiency Particulate Air commonly referred to as HEPA, is proven to be the best filtration system based on its efficiency in eliminating 99.995% of dust and dirt from 0.3 microns. They are suitable for individuals who are prone to hypersensitive conditions, babies who have weak immune systems, and people suffering from respiratory diseases. 

Vacuum Pre-Filters

 Since the beginning of their manufacture back in the early 1900s, filters have come a long way. During those years, filters were manufactured from woven cloth. Hence the efficiency of the filters can not be compared with the modern filters. SEBO vacuum filters could prove to be a little challenging to comprehend, but once you get the hang of it, they are comfortable and practical. Always note that a SEBO vacuum contains two or three filters at once.


This is a small filter that does most of the filtration. It is a combination of a pre or post-motor filter. In essence, a pre-motor filter is used to lock out large particles off the motor department. The function of a post-motor filter is to trap dirt and dust that may result from motor brushes. Any SEBO filter will have two of the said filters.

Every SEBO vacuum cleaner contains a high-quality S-Class microfilter. It filters up to 99.9% of dust and dirt particles of 0.3 or more. The filter is to be changed yearly or after 50 hours of cleaning.


SEBO has HEPA filters that filter up to 99.97% of dust and dirt of 0’.3 microns or more. Should you advance from an S class filter to a HEPA filter, you need to buy a HEPA BOX. 

This is because S class filters need a heavier material to capture the same percentage of dirt as HEPA filters. In this case, you need a slightly lighter material. HEPA boxes contain four-ply dust bags. Our team of assistants will take through all this.


They come in two forms- pre- or post-motor filters. They are made of more rigid material. They are electrostatically charged hence are used in trapping very fine particles. Furthermore, they assist in the protection of vacuums and ensure there is better airflow. They should be changed after every year.

SEBO Vacuum filters should not be washed! It would be best if you replaced the filters frequently to reduce work on your motor. Repeated changing of vacuum filters prolongs the number of years you can make use of your vacuum. It also increases the quality of air in your house. 

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