SEBO Automatic XP

The new SEBO AUTOMATIC XP is suitable for all floorings. Its brush automatically adjusts itself for maximum cleaning on every kind of surface. The SEBO Automatic XP comes with the hospital-level S-Class filtration. Unlike most vacuum cleaners, maintaining this machine is not complicated.

300/350/450 Evolution

Sebo vacuum manualThe SEBO 300 / 350 / 450 Evolution upright vacuum cleaner gives you the reliability and efficiency you have been looking for. The SEBO models are manufactured to offer versatility and ease of maintenance. You can now rest assured of daily satisfactory cleaning results.

The SEBO Evolution is the face of innovation that saves you time and money on maintenance. Are you looking for a vacuum that you can use for long periods without becoming exhausted? The SEBO Evolution’s handle is light in weight and easy to control. The suction pipe and the wand enhance easy cleaning in the difficult-to-reach areas.

The backside of the vacuum provides a storage area for the attachments and tools. The SEBO Evolution is easy to use. With its foot pedal, you can quickly secure the overload, and the adjustment knobs are conveniently on the ergonomic handle.

SEBO Evolution 320/ 370 / 470

The SEBO Evolution 320/370/470 is ideal for long-session users due to its lightweight handle and suction hose incorporated on the wand. You can adjust the brush according to your preference for your convenience. The SEBO Evolution 370/470 comes with three power head widths to better clean all floor types.

This vacuum’s three-stage filter system maintains air purity around the home by trapping the dirt inside. The filter bag and brush strips are of good quality. Changing damaged cables is an easy task that requires no special tools to complete. The SEBO Evolution range does not require continued maintenance and long durability.

SEBO BS 360 / 460

The SEBO BS 360 / 460 upright vacuum cleaner has two motors for cleaning power. The vacuum comes with four castors on the powerhead, with a telescopic tube on the hose for high and low-pile carpet cleaning. The filtration system is three-step and meets the HEPA filtration standards.

The SEBO BS 360 / 460 comes with automatic shut-off features. The brush strip is easy to change, and the flat to the floor ensures easy cleaning with effective results.

UHS Suction Polisher

SEBO Dart 3/UHS Floor Polisher

Just as the name suggests, the innovative Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) polishes floors to give them a new look. The unique drive disc enhances this function. Its height automatically adjusts itself by the torque mechanism that ensures that the floor pad is at the right setting.

As the SEBO Dart 3 rotates, the resin consisting of micro diamonds coating on the floor pads creates a beautiful gloss look on the floor surface. This polish is chemical-free, and your floor remains spotless.

SEBO Cylinder Vacuums

SEBO Professional D8

Sebo floor brushThe SEBO KOMBI, which is featured in the SEBO Professional D8, makes cleaning hard flooring and carpets relatively easy and less time-consuming. Its two joints make it easy to maneuver as you clean different level heights around the room. The SEBO Professional D8 comes with a place in which to store the accessories.

The patented air belt ensures that you get the professional touch of the SEBO Professional D8. The bumper is lined with a 2-layer high-density foam to avoid damaging surfaces and to absorb impact. The hospital-grade filters eliminate allergens and dust from the atmosphere. The vacuum gently releases the filtered air back into the room.

With S-class filtration, you can set your allergy concerns aside. Replacement of the cable is relatively easy because you can effortlessly unplug it from the machine without using special tools. This saves the time and money that you would have used in seeking professional help. 

SEBO Vacuum Cleaners for Carpets

SEBO Duo/Duo-P

SEBO Duo and Duo-P is a powerful choice for cleaning stains from your carpet. Be it in your house or a hotel room; you wouldn't ask for any other stain remover. The price is pocket-friendly, and this vacuum does not leave your carpets wet.

Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Surfaces

For clean surfaces, you need to have a properly functioning brush. Choose the vacuum whose brush replacement is easy to find. Think Vacuums experts will help you pick the right machine for your cleaning needs. Give us a call today.

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