SEBO Vacuum Cleaner

SEBO vacuums are known as one of the best brands of vacuums worldwide. Since SEBO manufacturers have been there for ages and understand the world’s economy, they know how important it is to please their customers. Therefore, they have designed their vacuums to clean effectively and provide customer satisfaction.

Reasons Why You Should Own a SEBO Vacuum Cleaner

\There are various canister and upright vacuums in different models under the SEBO vacuum brand. They have long power cords that allow you to access any part of your house you want to clean. Furthermore, they are easy to maneuver since they are lightweight. 

  1. Convenience 

SEBO sells a range of vacuum cleaners in both canister and upright models. Their models are lightweight and have 40-foot power cords to make sure you can comfortably reach every area of your house. The brush’s height dynamically adjusts to the surface, making it suitable for all kinds of floors, including thick carpets or wooden surfaces. The upright vacuums have a low 5 ½ -inch profile to make them easy to clean underneath furniture. They have a model that can respond to all the cleaning needs in your household.

  1. Filtration 

Traditional disposable vacuum cleaners have several avenues for the dust to circulate and come back into your home after cleaning. Thankfully, SEBO vacuums are airtight and have many filters that prevent dust from escaping. While bagless vacuums may sound like a smart concept, the SEBO vacuum high-quality filter bag is an integral part of a well-performing vacuum cleaner. After cleaning, they retain all the dirt and dust suctioned by the machine. This increases the efficiency and longevity of your cleaner.

SEBO vacuums are fitted with S-class, hospital-grade filters, but people with allergies can use HEPA filters. When combined with four-layer ultra-bags, they have highly efficient filtration and remove 99.9 percent of particles rendering them exceptional at pet fur elimination and garnering endorsements from the British Allergy Base.

  1. Durability 

With SEBO vacuum cleaners, you can expect longevity since their vacuums are not designed to be disposable. The SEBO brand’s vacuum models have robust housings made from thick ABS Plastic, a sturdy engineering-grade material built to withstand impact and keep looking good and unaffected by age. The inner components are constructed using metal and aluminum.

Some SEBO users attest to their vacuum cleaners lasting for more than 15 years. The SEBO high-end quality motor is said to outlast most appliances in homes due to the super-clean air that keeps it cooled. These devices usually last 20 years in a medium-sized household. They come with a five-year warranty on parts and a seven-year warranty on the engine which means that they believe in the quality of their products. Some versions also have a lifetime belt warranty, ensuring this vacuum will last long.

  1. Maintenance 

It is surprisingly easy to maintain these high-performance vacuum cleaners. SEBO vacuums come with warning indicators that alert users when the dirtbag is full if the brush roll height is incorrect when there is any sign of clogging and brush obstructions. SEBO models that have electric powerheads feature an automated brush roller that automatically shuts off in the event of an obstruction. This helps to keep the belts and motor from overheating and shields them from premature wear and tear. All SEBO vacuums have clear detachable filters and bags in a service package with a supply of replacement bags and filters. The vast array of complimentary attachments can be used for any model, except for powerheads.

  1. Troubleshooting 

Sometimes, your SEBO vacuum may start exhibiting some problems. That does not necessarily mean that you have to fit a new vacuum into your tight budget. Sometimes all you have to do is diagnose the problem and fix it yourself. 

Here are three of the most common vacuum problems, how to troubleshoot and solve them.

  1. Is your vacuum not turning on?

If you plug in your vacuum and it still won’t turn on, the problem could be your power socket or switch. You can use a continuity checker to determine if it is working. If the outlet is functioning well, the problem could be the motor. An obstruction on the motor shaft can cause this, and if it’s not, you probably need to have it checked by a professional or have it replaced.

  1. Loss of suction

This is a common vacuum issue that is generally easy to solve. Here are some of the reasons why your SEBO vacuum could lose suction.

SEBO felix powerhead not working

  • The dirty chamber is full

  • The height setting is wrong

  • The air filters or exhaust filters are clogged

  • The brush roll is not spinning

  1. A vacuum cleaner that leaves a bad smell

  • This can be due to a full bag that needs to be emptied

  • Dirty air and exhaust filters that need to be cleaned or replaced

SEBO Vacuum Replacement Parts

If your vacuum cleaner is making unusual noises as you clean, it could be due to detached belts or an obstructed motor shaft. If all your troubleshooting hacks still won’t work, maybe it is time to replace your motor. For the replacement of all SEBO vacuum parts, do not hesitate to contact us at ThinkVacuums.

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