Ten Reasons to Replace Your Unit

1. Everything is new! New warranty, new unit, new motor, new filters, new parts, etc...There's no guarantee a new motor will prolong the life of the entire unit.
2. It's not economically sound to replace the motor when the price of a new unit isn't that much more than a new motor.
3. Once you replace a motor, what if something else goes wrong, such as the circuit board?
4. New vacuums are much quieter, due to new technology in motors.
5. New vacuums are more powerful.
6. New vacuums are more energy efficient.
7. New vacuums are much cleaner, with newer improved filtration.
8. Replacing a motor could void the current existing warranty on the unit (each company may vary).
9. When replacing a motor, the vacuum seal is not going to be as tight as a factory new vacuum.
10. The majority of better, newer vacuums don't have to be vented outside.

Questions & Answers
Q: Is it hard to replace my central vacuum motor if I choose to do it myself? Do I need a vacuum expert to do it for me?
A: No.

Q: If the unit doesn't power on, or if I smell smoke/burning or hear weird noises, is my central vacuum shot?
A: Yes. First, try your circuit breaker or the reset button located on the side of the vacuum. If still unsuccessful, then it's possible the unit's toast. You could either replace the motor, relay, or transformer, We advise our customers if the unit is over 10 years old, it may be more economical and a better decision to replace the whole unit.

Q: If I want to replace my old broken down central vacuum, do I have to buy the same brand?
A: No. Customers ask us this question every day. Every central vacuum is interchangeable with each other. Every one uses 2" PVC pipe.