The Exceptional Value of NuTone Central Vacuums

NuTone vacuum cleaners have been serving the needs of thousands of homeowners for decades and hold a major market position in central vacuum system purchases in the U.S. All models have exceptional value and provide outstanding service for twenty or more years. You get a real return on your investment with NuTone central vacuum cleaners, accessories, tools, and attachments.

Why You Should Buy a Central Vacuum System

If you’ve never owned a central vacuum system, you are in for a real treat. Homeowners are making the change from upright and canister models because:

  • No other technology cleans as effectively and efficiently as central vacuums.
  • They take the place and do the work of hand-held, upright, and shop vacuums.
  • Central vacuums can be economically installed in existing homes.
  • They are a good investment because they add value to your home.
  • Central vacuums clean the air better by removing up to 99.7% of pollutants.
  • The sound produced by these cleaners is barely noticeable.
  • There’s no heavy vacuum to drag around the house or lift up stairs.
  • The canisters are large and need less frequent emptying.
  • Central vacuum systems are versatile for all cleaning needs.

NuTone Vacuum Benefits Will Amaze You

NuTone Central Vacuums provide all the power you will ever need for the home, basement, and garage. Here’s why customers like them so much:

  • Powerheads and motors are among the best made.
  • Each model comes with certified PVC pipe and hose inlets.
  • Only professional choice top-quality true virgin Bell End Schedule-20 FlowMax Gold PVC Pipe is used.
  • All installation materials and supplies come with each vacuum.
  • A washable, protective hose sock cover is available to protect the hose and your furniture.
  • TurboKit III attachments are available for carpeting and bare floors.
  • Each NuTone model has an on /off switch on a 360° swivel handle.

A NuTone central vacuum has up to five times the cleaning power of a traditional portable vacuum cleaner. They are especially effective at picking up pet dander and polishing floors. Some models are even made with solid steel casings that provide maximum durability. You simply can’t go wrong with models to clean any size house up to 12,000 sq. ft., and an extremely quiet 70 decibel sound level. Click here for a guide to choosing the right size unit for your home. If you want a truly deep clean for your carpets, NuTone is the brand for you. Help relieve allergy symptoms in your home with NuTone’s advanced HEPA air filtration system that prevents recirculating dirt and dust when vacuuming. All particles that are picked up go directly to the collection chamber in the garage or basement, and stay there. Additionally, NuTone central vacuum systems are cost-efficient because they last up to 20 years without replacing major parts. Select models start at just $667.40 for an all-in-one starter package which contains everything you need to install and clean your home.

Strong Reviews Say It All

Independent reviews of NuTone central vacuum systems are strong and serve as guides to buying them. One noteworthy item is that this company has made an improvement to their vacuums with three new PurePower series motors which places these units among the best in the industry and should land them at the top of your shopping list according to Home Controls. The NuTone model PP650 is rated as the best small to mid-size house central vacuum for 2018-2019. It is now on sale for $1,615 – a $355 saving through our website, Consider this model if you have not made your final decision. It’s a winner that will provide many years of dependable and reliable service.

Why You Should Purchase Your NuTone Products from Us

We stock the five best selling NuTone central vacuum models for your convenience. In addition to the highest-quality vacuums and accessories, by ordering from us, you get:

  • Free tech support for all your questions
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