The Importance of Knowing How a Central Vacuum Cleaner Works

Most of us grew up with and still use either an upright or canister vacuum. But, did you know that central vacuum cleaners are actually more efficient than either of these models? Unfortunately, homeowners usually don’t know much about central vacs due to minimal advertising, and as a consequence, are missing out on the usefulness and performance of a central vacuum system. However, we believe that once you understand how one works, you may be motivated to install one.

How a Central Vacuum System Operates

A central vacuum system consists of a built-in power unit that contains the motor and dirt collector or canister. The power unit is installed in either a garage, basement, or crawl space.
Durable piping is connected to this unit and routed throughout the house under the floors or in the attic. Branches of this piping run through the walls to convenient wall inlet locations throughout the house.

To vacuum, the user simply inserts a flexible, lightweight hose into a wall outlet and turns on the vacuum motor. A wand and attachment are connected to the other end of the hose to clean surfaces. An assortment of accessories, tools, and attachments are available to clean:

  • Floors and Stairs
  • Walls and Furniture
  • Blinds and Ceiling Fans
  • Car and Truck Interiors

Once a room or area is cleaned, the user removes the hose and goes to another room until they finish cleaning. Then the hose, wand, and attachments are put in a storage area where they are out of sight.

The motor and power unit of a leading brand should last for 20 years or more. Additionally, their powerful suction cleans surfaces in a superior way compared to upright and canister models, and the collection canister is large enough that it only needs emptying every few months.

Its Benefits Are Impressive

Once homeowners understand a central vacuum’s benefits, they often consider installing one for sheer convenience. Here are a few reasons why those who already have one in their homes appreciate them so much:

  • They are more powerful than other types of vacuums, and clean deeper to remove more debris, dirt, dust, allergens, and pet dander. Their larger and more durable motors provide heavy duty long-term performance.
  • Central vacuums are quieter than upright or canister models.  Since the power unit is located in the garage or basement, the noise is created and stays in another area of the home.
  • These vacuums provide long-term economy.  While the initial cost of a central vacuum is more than an upright or canister model, you won’t need to replace it every 3 to 5 years. Ultimately, even with a higher up-front cost, you won’t spend more overall, and many times will spend less. Additionally, you save time by not shopping for multiple replacement vacuums over the years.
  • Central vacuums are convenient and so easy to use. Central vacuums don’t require you to push or pull a heavy appliance across the floors or up flights of stairs; instead, you use a lightweight hose and wand to do the work. They are easy on the neck, arms, shoulders, and back and make vacuuming a faster and more pleasurable experience. As a bonus, our brands are easy to clean and maintain.

We just can’t say enough about why homeowners like their central vacuums. Here are two more reasons to contemplate when purchasing a new vacuum system:

  • Central vacuums clean the air much better and are a boon for allergy suffers. The University of California at Davis School of Medicine reports the use of a central vacuum reduces allergy symptoms. Their researchers found they can reduce nasal allergy symptoms up to 47%, eye symptoms up to 61%, and improve air quality up to 52%.
  • They increase the value of your home as they are one of the top 5 items that influence home sales. Central vacuum systems tend to retain their full value over the years and are considered a home upgrade.

Choose a Leading Brand

How do you know which central vacuum system brand to purchase? Nine out of ten of our customers choose one of these six leading manufacturers:

  • PurVac
  • DrainVac
  • Cana-Vac
  • Power Star
  • Nutone

The majority of builders choose DrainVac for new and existing homes because it is a high performing and durable cleaning system. If you decide to purchase a cut-rate or off-brand system, you may be asking for more repair bills and less cleaning efficiency. Talk to one of our experts, toll-free at 1.855.459.5871 to get your questions answered and to select the best vacuum for your home’s needs.

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