The Most Important Vacuum Maintenance Tips

Vacuuming is an important household chore for many people, a weekly ritual that takes place to help get the house clean. For many people, a household vacuum is an investment in maintaining their home. Vacuum cleaners help people to keep their home clean, improve air quality, and to lessen the dirt and debris in the home. Just like any tool that is used on a regular basis, however, vacuum cleaners need to be maintained regularly to keep working at full capacity.

Replacing the Bag

The way a household vacuum work is it sucks up dirt and debris from the floor and deposits it into the bag. One of the steps people forget about is to replace the bag on their vacuum cleaner regularly and how often they have to do this depends on how often they vacuum. Instead of waiting until the bag is full, it’s a better option to replace it when it’s 2/3 full. The issue with waiting until the bag is packed to replace it is there is not a lot of room for the dirt to be deposited.

You can tell when the bag needs to be replaced immediately is if debris has started to come out of the vacuum cleaner that wasn’t there. A full bag can also indicate more dirt is getting into the vacuum cleaner itself and make it hard for it to operate at full capacity. Bagless household vacuums should be emptied after each use and the filters cleaned out every 2-3 uses to ensure they’re still working properly.

Checking the Roller

The other aspect of a vacuum cleaner owners should check regularly is the roller that can have bits of debris get caught on it. Rollers can stop working due to string, hair, and other bits of debris that get stuck up on it. Turning the household vacuum cleaner over to clean out the roller is recommended to ensure it’s continuing to work. Either using a pair of scissors to cut out extra debris or removing the roller completely to clean it with soap and water is recommended.

Checking the Belt

The other part of the vacuum cleaner that should be checked regularly is the belt which is attached to the brush roll. The belt of the vacuum cleaner keeps the roll in place and if isn’t tight against the roll, it may be time to seek out a replacement. Telltale signs the belt is starting to wear away is if it’s stretched out, has started to become frayed, or narrow. Belts also have a tendency to slide out of place and even become damaged in certain spots due to stress.

The general rule of thumb for replacing a belt is it should be done at least twice a year or every six months. This isn’t a requirement though since the brand and model of the vacuum cleaner can affect how long the belt will last. Checking it every couple months will let you know if it needs to be replaced and will help to keep your vacuum in working order.

Proper Cleaning

The other aspect of owning a household vacuum cleaner has checked the filter from time to time to clean it out. The reason for this is because the filter will become clogged and will prevent the vacuum cleaner from working at full capacity. Taking out the filter and gently tapping it inside the trash can will help to clear out the worst of the dust. Taking a tool to scrape out the dust too in smaller parts will be another good way to keep it clean.

Taking care of your vacuum cleaner is a good way to ensure it continues to last a long time. This basic maintenance will help your vacuum cleaner to operate more efficiently and over time will ensure it will be able to clean more effectively when it’s being used.