Things You Should Never Try to Vacuum Up

Owning a vacuum is a massive convenience, and no modern home or business should be without one. Whether you have a powerful central system with different vacuum brushes and vacuum powerheads, or even if you have a stand-up or backpack system for commercial cleaning, you will find that a vacuum makes cleaning easier, faster, and more efficient. With the right vacuum, you could even make your home or commercial environment safer and healthier.

Of course, for all the things that a vacuum can do, there are still times when a vacuum is not the right cleaning tool. When you own a powerful vacuum, you may be tempted to suck up anything and everything that is in your path. Trying to vacuum the wrong things could damage your system and cost hundreds in vacuum powerheads parts and other replacement parts, and the following list of things that you should never vacuum up should always be adhered to.

Plant Debris Indoors

If you’ve been working outside in the garden and have tracked plant debris and other organic matter back into your home, then you should avoid vacuuming this mess up. Plant debris can clog most vacuum cleaners and can contain insects and other nasty substances that would contaminate your vacuum cleaner. The best idea is to first sweep any mess with a stiff broom or brush and use the vacuum only once the largest particles/pieces of debris are cleared.

Plant debris can be particularly troublesome for vacuum powerheads, which contain thousands of bristles where dirt and insects can remain.

Small Toys and Coins or Metal Objects

In most cases, you wouldn’t intentionally suck up these items.

It’s important to inspect your floors before vacuuming, and always pay attention to where you are directing vacuum brushes or vacuum powerheads. Small toys, coins, and metal objects like screws, bolts, and nails, can all cause damage to your vacuum cleaner. They can become stuck and cause clogs, or they may damage pipes and flexible tubes as they are sucked towards the collection housing or dust bag. In some cases, these items could even perforate bags and filters.

Dust from a Fireplace or Construction

Fine dust particles can travel all the way through your vacuum cleaner and out through the filter, so attempting to vacuum ashes or construction dust is something that you should never do unless you have a specialist commercial vacuum that has been designed and approved for such scenarios.

Dust from a fireplace is particularly dangerous and could contaminate the air in your household, leading to irritation and even respiratory illness.

Construction particles such as sawdust, drywall dust, and masonry dust should also never be vacuumed. Sweeping these particles is the best idea.

Even dust from makeup can be problematic, as this can collect, solidify, and cause damage to your vacuum cleaner.

Liquid Spills

Unless you have a wet and dry system, you should never use vacuum powerheads to clean liquid spills. Liquid in a normal vacuum can damage the motor and could even cause electrocution. Always make sure that surfaces are completely dry before you vacuum, or, invest in a wet and dry system if you want the most versatile option.

With a wet and dry system, you can overcome some of the situations that we’ve mentioned here. For example, a wet and dry system could be used to vacuum soil, fine dust particles, and even some construction particles. Because the debris is collected with dirty water, it doesn’t cause problems to a vacuum motor or filter, and there is no chance of the particles being released back into the atmosphere.

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