TITAN TCS-5702 Central Vacuum

Titan Central Vac Kit T7 35' Complete with 6' PigtailThis high-performance vacuum system unit with 700 air watts suction capacity is suitable for homes up to 7,500 square feet in size and comes with both left and right intake choices for simple and trouble-free installation. The TCS5702 is a dual vacuum cleaner that can be used with or without a plastic dust bag. A dust bag will aid in removing dust mites, allergens, odors, and other particles.

Identifying Good Performance Factors

Like many other home appliances, a vacuum cleaner is intended to help the user accomplish complex tasks more efficiently and effectively. A vacuum cleaner picks up dirt, pollen, and allergens by using airflow, which is also mixed with brushing action. 

It must not only be effective in picking up these items, but it must also be successful in separating them from the air so that they are not replenished back into the living atmosphere. Since certain vendors do not provide performance specs, it can be difficult to decide which vacuum cleaner would be the right performer in your particular case.

Filtration Efficiency - HEPA, Micron

The new business side of vacuum cleaner design is in developing vacuum cleaner filtration profitability. The vacuum cleaner industry is capitalizing on advancing advanced filtration technology to have much better quality depleted air than was previously possible. If there are particular dust sensitivities, such as allergies and asthma, vacuum cleaners with very high filtration efficiencies that follow HEPA requirements may be extremely beneficial. 

Some consumer vacuum cleaners have ULPA Filtration, which effectively captures even finer particles. Micron filtration will also provide very clear, depleted air when the incredibly low dust emissions produced by HEPA and ULPA filters are not needed. It is essential to have a fully sealed unit from input to output, which means that all air traffic must travel via the high-performance filter to be filtered by it.

The efficiency of Titan Central Vacuum’s Bags

When it comes to cleaning efficiency, most people focus on the suction motor's strength and the number of bristles on the brush roll. While these are essential factors, the consistency and size of the paper bag are also crucial. 

The consistency of the bag's filtration system influences both its ability to maintain fine dust and allergens and its willingness to cause air to circulate freely into it. A high-quality bag is an imperative vacuum cleaner part. Ensuring good vacuum cleaner efficiency makes sure to always substitute it with a similarly high-quality paper bag.

Identifying Factors Affecting Air Flow

One of the most critical cleaning debris features with a vacuum cleaner is the air pressure mixed with agitation. The energy applied by airflow takes up the soil and transports it to the bag or dirt tub. 

The suction generated by the turbine in the suction motor is the driving force behind the airflow. The overall resistance to moving air in the vacuum cleaner is the major bottleneck. Optimally, you want the best potential airflow rate in the nozzle region where the soil is being collected.

Suction Motor and Fan Performance

Titan Central Systems TCS-8575 Central Vacuum TankAmong the essential components of a vacuum cleaner is the suction motor. This motor transforms electrical energy from the power supply into mechanical power in suction with air movement. One of the most mischaracterized and confusing facets of vacuum cleaner technology is evaluating the motor based on its ability to achieve suction with air circulation. 

Many producers have compounded this misunderstanding in attempts to make their goods look superior to rivals. In our article on the Power of the Suction Motor, we address multiple techniques for scoring the suction motor's output.

Concluding Remarks

As you've seen, deciding which vacuum cleaners can work well for your specific cleaning services can be a challenging and complicated process. When assessing vacuum cleaners, there is a lot more to remember than just the power output, suction, or inlet air score.

When you shop at a Think Vacuums vacuum cleaner retail store, such as experienced sales staff can show you a wide variety of vacuum cleaners, including those engineered to provide exceptional results in both cleaning and filtration. 

When you speak with one of our salespeople in person or on the internet, the odds of making the right buy for your specific cleaning needs improve significantly. They are both experienced mechanics who are well-versed in vacuum cleaners, both inside and out. They will be delighted to speak with you about your different vacuum cleaner requirements, interests, and wishes.

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