Titan Central Vacuum Kit

central vacuum kit reviewsPurchasing the right add-on kit is vital for a clean home. Pick the Imperium Titan Central Vacuum Kit that comprises everything you require to meet your cleaning requirements. The Titan Prime addon set is accessible as Direct Connect or Pigtail and in tube lengths of 30 and 35 feet.

 It is accompanied by extras that most other add-on sets ignore such as the mini attachment kit, quilted hose sock, and turbo hand tool. If you are not certain whether you need direct connect or pigtail read the following information on this article.

Determine What Type Of Inlets You Have

The finest way to choose whether you need a  pigtail electric hose or a direct connect electric hose is by determining what kind of inlets you have. Typical inlets will need the usage of a power-driven pigtail hose.

Electric Inlets can be utilized with any normal, pigtail, turbo, or directly connect hoses but then again, they are intended for direct connect hoses. Electric inlets need electrical wiring and low voltage wiring. The low voltage wiring is used to switch the vacuum system off and on. 

The electrical wiring offers electricity to the powerhead that is utilized in cleaning the carpet. The direct connect central vacuum hose has an electric wire going through the hose and the end that pads into the inlet have spikes that fit into the inlet for electricity to the powerhead.

If the inlets visualized above are like your inlets, then you require a directly connect add-on set. If you have normal inlets then you will require to buy a pigtail addon set. A pigtail rechargeable central vacuum tube will have a cord unprotected only on the end of the tube. This cable will be inserted into the electrical outlet close to the central vacuum inlet you are having.

Non-electrical inlets are the normal Inlets available. These inlets need low voltage for switching the vacuum system off and on. The typical inlets have no electrical ability. If electrical add-ons are used, then you require to use a central vacuum hose termed a Pigtail Hose. This tube has a power cord fitted to it and on top of connecting the hose to the inlet, there will be a cord of about 4 to 8 feet that plugs into an electrical outlet for power.

Imperium Titan Prime 35ft Attachment Set DC 

Affordable central vacuum kitThis add-on set includes:

  • The 35'  ValuFlex, Plastifex, Flush DC Electric Hose is crush-proof, white, and has a three-way switch for switching the power off and on to the system or powerhead. The model of the gas pump handle is easy to use and lightweight with full spin at the handle. The tube has a flush cord management grip. If you are not certain whether you need a direct connect hose set or pigtail,  the below information will help you to govern which kind you need.
  • Quilted Hose Sock: It shelters the vacuum hose and offers a blockade between the beamed hose material and your walls, making it very difficult for the hose to cause any harm.
  • The 700 Deluxe Powerhead: It is customer-preferred and is 13" wide and is made with a steel brush roller.  Its accessories include reflex height modification, headlamp, wrap-around bumper, floating head, flat belt structure, and belt view window. It is a versatile and  excellent selection for your cleaning needs
  • A 14" Bare Floor brush with wheels: This is ideal for any tough surface you need to clean. With the bigger brush, more flooring can be cleaned in less time. It is inordinate for marble, tile, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood floors. Though your floors have deep plaster, the brushes on this device will clutch the dirt out of the crevices on every pass. The spin design lets you get under furniture and counters.
  • A Dusting Brush: This is a small device with filled, natural spikesandoffers scratchless cleaning of highly polished and delicate surfaces.

At Think Vacuums, we offer Titan Central Vacuum Kit. Our sales experts can guide you in case you have any questions regarding the choice of our central vacuums. You can order the Titan Central Vacuum Kit online through our website: thinkvacuums.com from the comfort of your home. 

For all purchases above $50, we offer free shipping to your home or office. Reach out to us today on our toll-free line: 800-322-2965 or local: 954-341-2760.

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