Imperium Titan Prime 35 ft Attachment Kit DC

This central vacuum kit includes:


The 35' DC Electric Hose will offer you many years of service because it is crushproof. You can quickly turn the power on or off in the system or powerhead using the three-way switch. Cleaning with this hose is no problem because the handle is all-around swivel and lightweight. 


 Central vacuum cleanerThe broad cleaning path of the 700 Deluxe Powerhead is 13" wide, and its brush roller is made of steel.  Transitioning between different types of floors is easy with the automatic height adjustment feature. The powerhead combines many fantastic features to give you an excellent cleaning experience, such as a floating head, the headlight, belt view window, flat belt system, and wrap-around bumper. 

There is a wheeled bare floor brush with a 14-inch cleaning path. The wheels are perfect for any hard floor. The wide cleaning area means cleaning surfaces in less time. With this powerhead, you can clean vinyl, hardwood, marble, tile, and laminate floors. Its suctioning power ensures that all dirt, including that which is inside cracks, is collected. With the swivel design, you can easily clean under furniture. 

The dusting brush has bristles that polish your surfaces without causing scratches on delicate surfaces. The soft natural bristles are ideal for cleaning furniture, upholstery, and delicate draperies. The brush is also perfect for cleaning baseboards, window frames, air conditioning vents, blinds, ceiling fans, and crown molding.

For deep cleaning, a Deluxe Turbine Handheld Tool comes in handy when it comes to your vehicle's interior, stairs, upholstery, bed linen, and drapes. The moving air of your system powers this powerhead to turn the brush. Pet fur will no longer be a problem to clean with this handheld turbine. It has the suction power required to collect every strand of pet hair embedded in carpets and upholstery.


The wand is telescopic and can be used with electric powerheads. It also has a cord management system. This wand has a cord and button lock at the top and a button at the bottom.

You can use it with different attachments, such as a floor brush. In central vacuum systems, wands are as essential as the hose. If you feel that the two wands in the kit do not offer the cleaning you need, you can purchase more. Extra wands can be helpful, especially when cleaning the unreachable spots.

The kit also comes with a hose sock that prevents contact between the hose and the walls, avoiding damage.

Inside the kit is a mini vac attachment set to help you clean smaller areas such as the car stereo, electronic equipment, and computer keyboards. It also comes with an adaptor designed for central vacuum attachments. The adaptor includes:

  • Oval brush
  • Straight extension wand
  • Powerhead
  • Round brush
  • Curved extension wand

Crevice Tool

When dusting and cleaning draperies and upholstery, you simply attach the brushes to the upholstery tool slide. The upholstery tool is ideal for furniture cleaning, with or without the brushes. The tool slide makes it easy to attach and detach the brushes.

Tool Caddy

Titan vacuum flexible hoseA tool caddy is usually attached to the vacuum. Inside are different tools and attachments. This means that you don’t have to go back and forth during a cleaning session whenever you need a tool; this saves you time. With a tool caddy, when you need to use another tool, all you have to do is remove it, fix and clean it.

Hose Hanger

Storing a vacuum hose can be a bother, but not when you have a hose hanger. You can easily store the vacuum hose and mount it on a closet door or the garage wall.

A deluxe canvas tool bag gives you the ease of storage for your vac tools, which means you can easily access them. Your tools will no longer have tools all over the house because the tool caddy allows you to store them in one place.

This attachment set fits most central vacuum brands.

Get Your Titan Central Vacuum Kit 

Having the proper attachment set for your central vacuum helps you maintain a clean home. To get a suitable central vacuum kit, visit the Think Vacuums warehouse in Coral Springs, Florida. If you want additional tools for your vacuum kit, Think Vacuums is here for you. If you are in Florida you can call us on 954-341-2760 and 800.322.2965 outside Florida.

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