Best Titan Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Titan tc6000 commercial vacuumTitan's upright vacuum cleaners incorporate elegance and reliability with performance. For deep cleaning on both carpets and bare flooring, Titan upright vacuums provide powerful suction strength and outstanding brush intensity. Every Titan vacuum has its own characteristics, including HEPA filtration, on-board cleaning accessories, extra-long control cables, complete bag markers, and even a cordless model. A deluxe version, a cordless version, a commercial version, and a heavy-duty system are available from Titan. There is a Titan upright vacuum, regardless of the cleaning work at hand, which would ensure that all your cleaning needs are fulfilled.

A strong 12-amp motor and 30-foot cable are available in the Titan T4000.2 high duty HEPA Upright Vacuum with equipment on board. It used metal rather than plastic to endure years of usage in high-wear areas of the vacuum - the handle tube, bottom plate, and brush roll. Using the toggle button on the hose to go from washing bare floors to cleaning the carpet. The brush roll instantly transitions to clean different carpet heights, and the telescopic Control Wand expands the spectrum of cleaning by 32 inches to clean cabinets, baseboards, stairs, blinds, corners of the roof, and places that are challenging to access. In order to softly clean floorboards and blinds, a crevice method is provided for certain small rooms and a natural bristle dusting brush.

The Titan T4000.2 High Duty HEPA Upright Cleaner with equipment on board for houses with both upholstery and bare floors would be your loyal machine. It is capable of moving between every floor-to-floor cleaning and soft cleaning of the wood surfaces and tile surfaces. The Power wand retractable and on-board equipment go well beyond standards. This robust vacuum contains metal parts from the grip to the bottom surface and holds dust in the vacuum where it stays with the HEPA content bag and filter. With the Upright Vacuum Titan T4000.2, it has never been simpler to vacuum your home from floor to ceiling.

The Titan T4000 High Duty HEPA Upright Vacuum with Tools on board collects debris, pollen, and other allergens that could be sucked up by the vacuum with a pleated HEPA media filter. The rubber guard and plastic wheels for the wooden furniture shield furnishings and baseboards from marks and scratches. The on/off button is conveniently right on the handle and all the darkened corners and drawers are brightened by a headlight.

Specifications of Titan tc6000 Vacuum

Quality Titan vacuum

  • Color:  Red

  • Filtration: HEPA Media

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Tools: On-Board – Aluminum Telescopic Power Wand, Crevice Tool, and Dusting Brush

  • Cord Length: 30 Feet

  • Headlight: Yes

  • On/Off Switch: On Handle

  • Bottom Plate: Metal

  • Brushroll: Metal

  • Motor: 12 Amps

  • Cord Rewind: No (Equipped with Quick Release Cord Hook)

Features of Titan t4000 Vacuum Parts 

  • Extend the breadth of cleaning from baseboards to ceilings to anything in between

  • Transfer with a turn of the key from carpet cleaning to bare floor cleaning

  • Puts the strength of cleaning at your fingertips

  • Durable metal handle tubes cannot break or crack like handle tubes made of plastic.

  • In order to mount an extension hose, flip the lid (sold separately)

  • While you vacuum under the furniture or in dark rooms and closets, shed some light on the matter

  • The motor removes soil off bare floors and carpeting with high efficiency

  • In order to minimize dusting, a true HEPA media filter captures dust and allergen contaminants

  • The compact extra-long cord eliminates the need to constantly switch outlets

  • Take breaths easy with a HEPA media bag and filter to corral elements for easy disposal.

Titan t4000 vacuum parts A bagless deep-cleaning vacuum intended for small to medium-sized residences. HEPA filtration for a more waterproof setting, an adjustable dusting device and crevice machine for hard-to-reach locations, and onboard tool storage for comfort are equipped with a 2L dustbin to enhance cleaning duration.

The Turbo Floor Tool quickly extracts embedded pet hair with ease

For a cleaner house, HEPA filtration captures small dust particles and airborne contaminants.

Convenient holder for convenience on telescopic rod gadgets

The need to regularly clean the dust bin is reduced by a big 2L dustbin

Comes with a dusting brush and crevice instrument for difficult-to-reach areas

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