Top 5 Considerations When Buying Vacuum Cleaners

Beam Serenity SC375 Central Vacuum System

An efficient vacuum cleaner is essential for keeping a house or office clean and the carpets looking in top condition. Purchasing a high-quality vacuum system is not a simple decision for most of us. We recommend a Beam Central Vacuum system because of its proven track record and benefits. There are 5 basic guidelines for choosing a model that fits your needs from the many that are available:

Right Size: Central vacuum systems are typically made for these size homes: 1) up to 3,500 sq. ft. 2) 4,000 to 9,500 sq. ft. and 3) 10,000 sq. ft. or larger. If you don’t already know your home’s size, measure each floor level and add them together.

Tools and Attachments: We recommend ordering a complete packaged set of tools and attachments that come with the model vacuum you choose. You get everything needed to keep a home clean and this eliminates multiple ordering. You get tools for carpets, hard flooring, upholstery, corners, and crevices.

Fit Your Budget: Beam Central Vacuums come in many models and sizes to fit your budget. Shop our inventory and you will find what you need.

HEPA Filtration: HEPA filtration is the most efficient air cleaning vehicle available for homes and businesses. The best ones are 99.9% efficient in picking up tiny particles that improve the air quality to the maximum.

Where to Buy: has one of the largest selections of central vacuums, attachments, tools, accessories, and parts available anywhere. Our prices and customer service are highly rated and geared to meet your vacuum requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Beam Central Vacuum Unit?

Beam Alliance 700TC Central Vacuum System

Beam has come a long way since they first started in the early 1950s. For more than 50 Years, Beam has been and still is one of the top brands in the central vacuum industry for the following reasons.

  • Quietly Powerful: Beam power units are considered the best when it comes to cleaning and ingenuity. The power units consist of the patented Quiet Pak™ sound insulation system, which makes it one of the quietest central vacuum power units in the industry. Since the power unit is installed in the garage or basement, it’s quiet enough in the house to carry on normal conversations.
  • Self-Cleaning: Beam central vacuum systems come with a built-in self-cleaning feature. Basically, the system consists of self-cleaning vacuum filters made from GORE-TEX® fabric that enables the Beam® central vacuum systems to clinically remove or reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Cyclonic Filtration: Beam vacuum uses cyclonic forces for separating large dirt particles as well as allergens from the vacuumed indoor air. The built-in permanent filter in the vacuum system can remove small and invisible particles with a stunning 99% efficiency rate. Most models come with a Paper Bag option.
  • HEPA Filter: The HEPA self-cleaning filter in vacuum systems can clean itself whenever the system is turned off. The HEPA filter removes 99% of particles at 0.3 microns in diameter and the HEPA Filter helps extend the life of the motor. No bags are required and it has a lifetime warranty.
  • Durability and Long Life: Beam central vacuum systems have been known to last more than 20 years. It will outlast several upright vacuum models, require fewer parts replacement, and need less maintenance than other types of vacuum cleaners.
  • On-Guard™: Beam central vacuum systems consist of On-Guard™ dirt receptacle, which has been infused with an anti-microbial agent known as AlphaSan®. This helps in preventing the growth of bacteria in the bucket itself. As a result, there is no loss of power when the bucket gets filled up. This allows the vacuum system unit to maintain high levels of performance for longer periods of time.
  • Complete Systems: Vacuums are complete units that are not only affordable but attractive as well. These systems can be used effectively for residential purposes as well as for the commercial sector. All Beam systems consist of a power unit, hose, power brush, dirt collection receptacle, and other cleaning accessories. You will also receive a detailed installation manual and video for installing it. Learn more about Beam Vacs here.

“For more than 50 Years, Beam has been and still is one of the top brands in the central vacuum industry.”

Summing Up the Major Benefits Of A BEAM Central Vacuum

Beam Vacuums Are Easy to Use

The benefits of a central vacuum are many. First is convenience because there is no pushing or pulling a heavy upright or canister model throughout the house and up and down stairways. Central vacuums need only attaching a hose, wand, and tool to get the job done.

Another benefit you will love is noise reduction. Since the main central vacuum parts are not located in the room, it is much quieter than traditional cleaners. You can carry on normal conversations and other people can watch TV, and the vacuum won’t scare babies and pets.

Finally, there is a distinct cleaning and allergen benefit associated with central vacuum use. Since the main unit holding dirt is not in the room, there is no chance of dirt and dust recirculating during the cleaning processes. Some Beam Central Vacuum units include additional filtration, such as HEPA filters to further reduce allergens and pollutants. See how to empty a Beam Vac and clean the filter in this video.

Beam Central Vacuum Option You Will Like

Beam Classic SC275 Central Vacuum System

BEAM systems offer three distinct models that allow owners to match the power and price to their needs. Each of these three vacuum systems offers the same major benefits of convenience, noise reduction, and enhanced cleaning, but with different specifications and add-ons.

Beam Classic Vacuum Cleaner

The smallest of the BEAM systems, Beam Classic are the original design produced by Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems for more than 50 years. Because it has been around for so long, there are many accessories that go with the Beam Classic vacuum cleaner series. Although it has the power to clean a large area, Beam recommends its Classic models for smaller spaces, like town homes and condos.

Beam Serenity

The next step up from the Classic model is the Beam Serenity vacuum system with an award-winning allergen-reducing air filtration system. With five different models able to cover the same 3,500 to 12,000 square foot range as the Classic, the Beam Serenity system distinguishes itself with its Quiet Pak sound insulation system, easy to remove and empty bucket canister, and an anti-vibration mounting system. Beam identifies the Serenity system as perfect for any sized home.

Beam Alliance

The final BEAM vacuum system, the Alliance, is the most advanced central vacuum offered. In addition to all of the benefits of the Serenity, the Alliance also features 21st-century technology upgrades. This includes a smart screen that identifies canister levels and filtration efficiency. There is also a HEPA exhaust filtration and fingertip controls on its beam hose that allow users to adjust the level of suction they use for any given job. Beam vacuum cleaners report that the Alliance produces 30 percent more cleaning performance than other systems. It has also won technology and parent approval awards for its innovation and cleaning performance. We offer three models that fit homes from 3,000 to 13,00 sq. feet. is standing by to meet all your vacuuming needs. Call us at 1.888.513.1437 or visit our extensive website for a positive shopping experience.

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