The Best Accessories for Central Vacuums

Trying to keep a home clean is easy when the right tools are available. While the traditional models of vacuuming can be tough on the body, central vacuums make vacuuming a breeze. Easily and effortlessly vacuum any room in the home without straining your back or shoulders.

Of course, sometimes there are areas that require a little bit more attention to detail. Fortunately, there are accessories that can get those stubborn stains, tiny specks of dirt and debris, and just make vacuuming with a central vacuum even easier. Not only do our accessories make cleaning easier than ever before, but they are also all affordable.

Mix and match all of our accessories for a home that’s so clean your friends and family will wonder what cleaning company you've hired. Don’t worry though; it will be our little secret as to how you keep your home so clean and tidy. If you want to get your home cleaner than it has ever been before, check out these top accessories every home with a central vacuum needs. You’re going to love how clean your home so much that you might not even recognize it.

Top Powerheads, Air-Driven Powerheads, Brushes, & Dust Moppers

Electric Powerheads

The most important unit to choose is the central vacuum unit. But what is the next most important? The powerhead and brushes. The electric powerhead is the single most important contributor to the actual performance of a central vacuuming unit. In fact, it is the number one recommended accessory and we encourage all central vacuum owners to have one. These powerheads are the “Ferrari” of central vacuums and consistently rank top in their performance with the fewest repairs needed. They can also clean medium to deep pile carpets and can easily transition from carpet to bare floors with a flick of a switch.

Turbo Powerheads (Aka Air Driven, Non-Electric)

Our air driven carpet nozzle attachments can operate without any electricity. This central vacuuming attachment works by harnessing the suction power of the central vacuum. It’s easy to operate, and just like our brushes, easy to move around furniture, carpet, and chair legs. Our newly developed profile designs and technology allow these turbine nozzles to perform at their most powerful level while still remaining nearly silent.

“Trying to keep a home clean is easy when the right tools are available. While the traditional models of vacuuming can be tough on the body, central vacuums make vacuuming a breeze.”

Floor Brushes

Floor brushes and dust mops are the ideal tools for low-pile carpeting, area rugs, and bare floors. They work best when they allow sufficient airflow and provide the maneuverability you need. Dust mops are excellent for hardwood, laminate, tile, and marble floors because they leave a beautiful polished look.

You must maintain your electric and air-driven carpet nozzles by changing brushes and belts when necessary. Changing belts keep the tension of the nozzle brush roller firm and working at peak performance. After much use, you need to replace the complete carpet brush roller also. Doing this keeps the bristles from wearing down and the bearings in great condition for maximum cleaning performance.

Just like our powerheads, our brushes are top of the line in the industry. Easily switch from carpet to bare floors, again, with a simple flick of a switch. Be amazed by the powerful airflow running from the motor out of the hose. This tool provides a 180-degree swivel neck and allows vacuuming without having to redecorate and rearrange a room. Easily get around chair legs, furniture, under coffee tables, and other hard to reach areas. At 16 feet long, this brush can practically reach anywhere!

Dust Moppers

Most people think vacuums are for homes with tons of carpet or carpet only homes. However, our central vacuum units are designed with all homes in mind. Homes with only a little carpet, some carpet, or no carpet at all can benefit from our amazing systems. Our dust mopper and mop are easy to use and can be used on hardwood floors or tile. They attach easily to the vacuum and make cleaning a breeze.

Just like our powerhead and brushes, our dust moppers have a swivel head so it is easy to get in and around hard to reach places. Not only are our moppers easy to use but they are affordable as well. Mix and match pieces for every room in the house without breaking the bank. Your home and your wallet will love these pieces.

Some Final Thoughts

Between work, school, friends, and family, it’s a lot to ask to keep a home sparkling clean every day of the week. Fortunately, with our central home vacuuming system and our top of the line accessories, it’s actually more possible than before. Every piece is interchangeable and is designed to work with every single home and room in mind. If you hated vacuuming before, you might want to try our system. It makes vacuuming so much easier. In fact, with our vacuuming system, you might actually learn to love vacuuming. Read about why many experts highly recommend central vacuums.

If you are searching for a particular carpet or floor attachment and can’t seem to find it on our site or you have general questions on any of the products we offer feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for assistance at 1.800.322.2965. We offer the Best Powerheads and Central Vacuum Floor Brush. Learn more about Powerhead vs Turbo Head Vacuum and choose the Best Powerhead for your central vac. A powerhead vacuum cleaner can be a perfect option for your home or office! We look forward to serving you

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