Top Accessories for Commercial Central Vacuums

Central vacuums are always an excellent choice for commercial properties. They're unobtrusive, powerful, and can be run into every room that needs them. What makes your commercial vacuum the most effective vacuum you can buy is the attachments. With the right attachments, you'll be able to tackle any cleaning job imaginable. Here are the top accessories you'll need for your central vacuum.

Upholstery Brush

Commercial Vacuum CleanerA good upholstery brush is vital for any business. These attachments are a nozzle with long, stiff bristles on the end. They're designed for getting soap into carpets or soft furnishings to help you get a deeper clean. Cleaning your furniture at regular intervals helps it last longer and look great, so you're going to need this brush to keep your business looking its best.

Ceiling Fan Attachment

Ceiling fans are hard to reach and even harder to clean. If you've been standing on chairs trying to wipe yours down, you'll know that it can be dangerous. Rather than attempt that again, you should pick up a ceiling fan attachment. These nifty attachments are designed to wrap around each blade of the fan, cleaning the whole thing in one sweep. You'll wonder why you ever cleaned a fan without it.

Drain Hero

What is a drain hero? It's a small tool that sits on the end of the hose of your commercial vacuum cleaner and is designed to remove dirt from drains. While they are most commonly known for use with shop vacs, they're becoming more prevalent with commercial vacuum cleaners than ever before. They're also perfect for retrieving lost items from drains, which is great when you lose your ring down there while washing your hands.

Hardwood Attachment

Not all your floors are going to be carpeted, but that doesn't mean you can't use your central vacuum on them. A hardwood attachment is a perfect thing to handle those wooden floors without having to break out the broom. You can use this attachment to take care of any loose dirt on the floors, so they're ready to be mopped and cleaned.

Vertical Blinds Attachment

You're very likely to have blinds in your building, which are collecting dust every day and you don't have time to stand there and clean them all regularly. If you find this is a problem, you'll want a vertical blinds attachment. This attachment has several slots in it allowing you to clean several blinds at the same time. You'll save a huge amount of time using this to clean the blinds in your building.

Plastic Liners

With a central vacuum cleaner, you'll have a collection canister in the building that collects the dirt that you clean up. You can buy commercial vacuum cleaner bags to collect the dust, but plastic liners are a better way to go. They'll help you avoid any leakage into the canister itself and make it much easier to empty it when you need to. They're well worth investing in for when you need to change the collection canister.

Y Splitter Adapter

Commercial Vacuum CleanerThis is a very simple attachment, but it's one that you're going to wonder how you ever lived without. The Y splitter adapter allows two people to use the same port on your central vacuum cleaner so that you can get more done quicker, with two people. Having a few of these on hand can cut cleaning times drastically.

Claw Attachment

A claw attachment, as the name implies, will help you bring together both wet and dry messes. You can scrape the mess together to clean more easily, saving you time and effort. You won't use this one too often, but it'll be helpful when someone knocks over a potted plant or drops their coffee.

Crevice Tool

This is one of the most obvious tools, but you've got to ensure you have one handy. They're designed to get into small spaces and suck up dust that otherwise wouldn’t be picked up. They're essential if you want to get a thorough clean in your commercial building.

These are the attachments and tools that you need for your commercial building. They'll help you tackle any mess and pick up all the dust and dirt that will accumulate over time.