Top Accessories You Should Have for your Beam Vacuum

Beam Vacuum Floor Brush

Installing any appliance in your house can garner a lot of questions. Central vacuum systems are becoming a very popular and practical choice among homeowners. The systems have many qualities that are appealing and vastly outstrip the portable vacuum competition. One of the most common questions for owners of new central vacuum systems seems to be, “What accessories do I need?”
Portable vacuum cleaners come with a battalion of attachments whether you want them or not, leaving you to keep track of random wands and brushes that you may never use.
Beam central vacuum systems offer attachments and accessories that allow you to customize your systems to the needs of your household or business.

What Is A Beam Central Vacuum System?

Beam central vacuum systems are quite popular among home builders and homeowners. Beam has long been known for the quality of its systems and the wide availability of tools and accessories to customize your cleaning needs. A central vacuum system is a vacuum cleaner, unlike portable vacuums, connected via a system of ducts and connectors throughout your whole home. A powerful motor and dirt collector is installed in an out-of-the-way place like your garage or basement and connected to the piping ducts. There are many reasons that central vacuuming units are superior to portable vacuum machines, including:

  • They have more powerful motors than portable vacuums that produce more suction.
  • Dust, dirt, and debris are pulled through the piping and permanently removed from your home.
  • The dust collection canister is large enough to hold 3-6 months’ worth of debris.
  • Central vacuums are very quiet and you can talk on the phone or listen to music while vacuuming.
  • There is no heavy unit to push or pull around the house that eliminates bumping into furniture, walls, baseboards, or bookcases.
  • There is no long cord to get tangled up in or caught on furniture.

Beam central vacuums have a long life and many people report theirs lasted more than 20 years. In general, they require much less maintenance and repairs than upright or canister vacuums. The significant thing about them is they have a wall inlet (port) in each room or area as you desire where the hose and tools connect. When you finish one room or area, you carry a lightweight hose to the next room and keep working.

Best Accessories for BEAM Vacuums (Based On Sales)

Based on our company sales over the years, the following 6 tools and attachments are the most popular for home vacuuming. The dusting brush with ultra-soft horsehair bristles is superior for dusting any surface because it does not produce scratches. We’ve solved the problem of cleaning under refrigerators with our 36- crevice tool. The shutter blind tool does wonders for vacuuming window blinds and shutters.
The micro attachment toolset is ideal for removing dust and debris from small areas such as appliances, computer keyboards, tight corners, delicate electronics, and car interiors. Never use canned pressurized air again with this tool. The handheld turbo attachment is a marvel for cleaning upholstery, furniture, stairs, car interiors, and pet hair from furniture. If you have one or more pets, our pet vacuum tools groom them and remove loose hair that otherwise would end up on your furniture and floors. They’re all great additions to any home’s cleaning tool kit.

Beam Vacuum Brush
Flexible Beam Vacuum Hose
Beam Vacuum Attachments
  1. Central Vacuum Dusting Brush
  2. Central Vacuum 36in Under Refrigerator Crevice Tool
  3. Central Vacuum Shutter Blind Tool
  4. Central Vacuum Micro Attachment Set
  5. Central Vacuum Handheld Turbo Attachment
  6. Vac-N-Groom Pet Attachment Kit

What Beam Tools And Accessories Will I Need?

Beam Tools And Accessories When considering what Beam tools, attachments, and accessories you need to purchase to get the most out of your Beam central vacuum system, consider the needs of the various rooms of your home. If you have hard floors, order the brushes for hardwood, laminate, tile, or stone floors. If you have carpets or rugs, buy the tools for the depth of pile in them. An air-driven powerhead is a perfect attachment for floors. You can eliminate more than a couple of items from your broom closet when you have your Beam system! Do a little online research, especially our website to match the tools and accessories to your home’s needs. If you are still not sure what to buy, talk to one of our customer service specialists. If you are buying a new system, order an all-in-one complete attachment kit.

“A significant advantage of central vacuums over portable vacuums is they produce cleaner air because the dust does not leak out, spill in the house, and is not recirculated.”

We have attachments for getting into crevices and cracks and reaching hard-to-get and high places. So whether you are keeping up with the furry members of your family or trying to clean that second story foyer window, there is an attachment for your Beam Central Vacuum System for cleaning and sanitizing your home. A significant advantage of central vacuums over portable vacuums is they produce cleaner air because the dust does not leak out, spill in the house, and is not recirculated. You need to learn how to properly use all your  basic vacuuming tools and attachments.
We currently stock 10 Beam models that fit any size home. The 5 shown in this chart are the most popular.

Beam Central Vacuum Units


Alliance 700TC Central Vacuum System Homes up to 13,000 sq ft
Beam Serenity SC398 Central Vacuum System Homes up to 12,000 sq ft
Alliance 650SB Central Vacuum System Homes up to 3,000 sq ft
Beam Serenity SC375 Central Vacuum System Homes up to 4,000 sq ft
Beam Serenity SC325 Central Vacuum System Homes up to 12,000 sq ft


With Beam Vacuums, It’s All Within Your Grasp!

Your Beam Central Vacuum system is an excellent investment in your home! Not only does it eliminate a lot of the hassles of portable cleaning machines, but it also increases the health and well-being of your family members by removing dust and allergens from your air! The sky is nearly the limit when it comes to accessories and attachments for your Beam system because there is something for your every need. Check out this informative article on using advanced tools and attachments.

Ideas for Grooming Your Pets with a Vacuum

For those of you who have pets, you will find these 12 ideas very helpful. Your lovable cat or dog will like the attention they’re getting and you will be keeping your home cleaner and more sanitary at the same time. This chore is rewarding, exciting, and challenging but is necessary. If you have several pets, the volume of hair can be overwhelming to clean up. The advantage of using a central vacuum is that it is much quieter than uprights that dogs tend to dislike very much.

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