Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Systems

What Are Central Vacuum Systems

Vacuuming is not one of the most pleasurable chores, but it makes such a huge difference in the appearance and cleanliness of any space. So, we naturally want to do it perfectly. There are many models, types, and brands of vacuum cleaners on the market, but the least marketed brands actually produce the best results with the least amount of hassle – a central vacuum system.

A central vacuum system comprises a motor/containment unit that’s positioned in a basement, crawl space, ductwork that runs behind your walls, and a hose/powerhead combo plugged into the outlet installed in each room of your home when you’re ready to clean. The central vacuum powerhead and hose are all you will have to pull around with you.

Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems

Vacuflo Central Vacuum Power Units

Vacuflo offers filtered and true cyclonic central vacuum systems, depending on whether you can or cannot vent your unit to the outside. These central vacuum systems have a reputation in the industry for being powerful and reliable, and these central vacuums live up to that reputation. At think vacuums, we have been Vacuflo central vacuum dealers for decades.

There may be restrictions on the online sale of the Vacuflo central vacuum power units, but we carry a full line of genuine Vacuflo central vacuum Parts and Vacuflo Accessories, including hoses, attachment sets, garage kits, powerheads, inlets, motors, bags, filters, and the exclusive VROOM and SPOT.

If we can't sell Vacuflo central vacuum power units in your location, we can help you locate your nearest dealer. Vacuflo products have been manufactured in the U.S.A. by HP Products since 1945. In 1955 HP introduced the Vacuflo True Cyclonic central vacuum system.

These systems do not require bags or filters and exhaust outside. With over 60 years of manufacturing success, Vacuflo central vacuum systems and Vacuflo accessories are globally recognized as quality floor care products.

Central Vacuum FAQs

Does A Central Vacuum Require To Be Vented Outside?

While some individuals question the validity of outside venting, the top central vacuum system manufacturers recommend it for optimum performance. Filtration devices are not sufficient; they may sieve out larger dust particles but fail to collect smaller particles, which are the most harmful to your respiratory system. Only outside venting can completely get rid of small dust particles.

Is A Central Vacuum Good For Pet Hair?

A central vacuum can help to eradicate pet odor, hair, dirt, allergens, and other debris from seats and floors. A central vacuum delivers all the tools for superior cleaning, whether you have several area rugs, carpeting, or hard floors. Due to its outside venting system, a central vacuum is a good pick because it does not recirculate animal odor and dander back to your home.

Are Central Vacuum Powerheads Interchangeable?

It is common for a vacuum system to have parts from different brands. Most of these accessories are interchangeable. Powerheads come in attachment kits, but you can buy them separately. Some central vacuum powerhead brands may be compatible with your central vacuum brand, while others might not be.

Are Central Vacuum Cleaners Hoses Universal?

Some central vacuum hoses are well-matched with most inlet valves. These hoses are referred to as universal hoses. However, when choosing a central vacuum hose, you need to be aware of the kind of inlets your machine currently has to ensure compatibility.

Can A Central Vacuum Hose Be Repaired?

Some minor vacuum hose glitches, such as a small split right behind the hose handle, are easy to fix. However, most of the time, you will have to replace your hose if it has broken down.

How Does A Central Vacuum Turn On?

Vacuflo Accessories

A low voltage trigger wire connects every inlet to the central vacuum unit. When you turn on the switch on the hose handle, the wire triggers the power unit to switch the electric floor brush and the motor on or off.

Is A Central Vacuum Good For Hardwood Floors?

Central vacuums can reserve the longevity and shine of your flooring better than upright vacuums. Upright vacuums usually come with hard-bristled brushes that often scratch the floor and do not suck up dirt and debris effectively. Central vacuums for hardwood floorings have a wide, air-powered, and low-voltage mouth that collects dirt and debris effectively. They also come with rubber bumpers, soft wheels, and an option to buy hose socks to prevent scratching.

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