Vacuflo Central Vacuum System Product Overview

Chameleon Retractable Hose System for home and commercial installations.Customers too often associate the term vacuflo with the central vacuum system. Vacuflo is among the oldest central vacuum systems product lines on the market. By default, consumers also look for a vacuum system while searching for a central vacuum system. It may restrict customer choices considering the wide range of central vacuum systems currently available on the market.

Let's look more closely at the central vacuum system. Most of the vacuflo units have a cyclonic filtration device that requires frequent maintenance any time the receptacle gets dumped. This will enable owners to open their vacuum system and clean the screen below the motor.

After cleaning the vacuflo machine, there will be more suction due to a greater airflow. Central vacuums with Hepa filtration and reusable fabric bags are preferred to prevent lack of suction and increase indoor air and environmental quality. 

Central vacuums incorporating Hepa filtration and reusable microfiber fabric containers, such as the CleanFlo central vacuum system, can ensure that contaminants get eliminated from the house. CleanFlo is an ideal choice for customers trying to enhance air quality at home. 

Some versions of the Vacuflo systems have a peplum cartridge filter, which should be removed and washed any time the bucket is full and ready for emptying. Unplug the bolt beneath the filter and release the cartridge filter.

Blowing the filter out using an air compressor eliminates much of the dirt inside the filter. The filter should be adjusted every 18-24 months. Performing this maintenance would ensure that the vacuflo operates optimally. The most common central vacuum kit is the air-driven model. These nozzles use an airflow of the central vacuum control unit to spin the roller brush.

The solution to this is an electric-powered motorized power nozzle that will produce clean air-driven accessories. We highly recommend using electrical power nozzles mostly because of the inherently superior deep cleaning they make. 

Suppose you're one of the many people who have trouble scraping stubborn fur or litter from your rug with a non-electric power nozzle. 

Chameleon features an automatic lock and patented dual-seal systemIn that case, you can buy a fully electric power nozzle accessory kit that will fit into your current central vacuum system outlet valves. Vacuflo central vacuum systems provide outstanding guarantees and are incredibly reliable central vacuum devices. However, they need frequent maintenance.

If you have purchased a vacuflo with an air-driven attachment kit, conversion to an electrical motor would significantly boost performance. Please call 403 288-4644 for more detail on a purchase, servicing, or any other inquiries about the central vacuum brand Vacuflo.

Chameleon Retractable Hose System for Central Vacuum To Change Your Cleaning Needs

Vacuuming should be quick, simple, and a little enjoyable. With the Chameleon Retractable Hose System, all three of them can be! Unlike most central vacuum systems, there is no cumbersome hose to be dragged about. Instead, the Chameleon stores the hose within the vacuum tube.

To do a vigorous cleaning, pull Vacuum Retract

Chameleon can be used for both quick clean-ups and more rigorous vacuum jobs. It's only one of the ways to change Chameleon to suit your carpet cleaning needs!

Adapts to Your Needs

Chameleon is the ideal companion for the central vacuum system. Each valve keeps up to 50' of the hose to ensure coverage in any house area. One valve can cover up to 2,200 square feet.

Engineered for Performance

Chameleon is designed to give you the ultimate retractable hose ride. Features such as reduced pressure on the hose, automatic turning off, magnetic door closures offer a smooth vacuum experience.

Seal & Auto Lock Consistency

Compared to other central vacuum retractable hoses, Chameleon boasts an automatic lock and a proprietary dual-seal mechanism. This means consistent sealing every time and more vacuum capacity for your cleaning activities!

Built-in Handle

Vacuflo 14" Commercial 7335 Bare Floor Brush 1.25"Nice for easy cleaning and more detailed cleaning, the Chameleon has a built-in swivel handle that rotates 360 degrees—using a handle only to vacuum small messes or add another cleaning device to make it more flexible.

Best Warranty in The Industry

Chameleon is protected by an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Think vacuums have been a leading supplier of high-quality vacuum cleaners from our Coral Springs showroom in Florida. Throughout the supply of various vacuum cleaners, we have concentrated on providing our customers with the main benefits of ease of use, durability, reliable cleaning performance, high HEPA filtration and 24/7 technical support team at [email protected].

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