Vacuflo Garage Central Vacuum Systems

Vacuflo Central Vacuum HosesVacuflo central vacuum systems are well known for their durability and reliability. Vacuflo Vacuum units are simplistic workhorses – no-frills but pure power. We have seen consumers really respond to Vacuflo's products over the past and come back to buy from the company again and again.

Bottom line, if you're looking for a central vacuum system that offers superior suction capacity and lasts years without any complications, Vacuflo is a perfect option. Vacuflo Central Vacuum Systems is the best choice among many sales teams.

Power Units for your Vacuflo Central Vacuum

The brand Vacuflo sells three primary types of central vacuum power units: cyclonic, filtered, and bagged. Each customer has a form of Vacuflo power unit. Vacuflo's power units are manufactured in Canton, Ohio, making them a proud American economy friend. Each type of unit has its advantages, but all of them have quality components and motors.

Vacuflo Paper Bag Central Vacuum System

Vacuflo central vacuum systems with permanent filters are prevalent types. These devices will first remove the debris employing cyclonic isolation. Then the suction particles will travel into the plinth filter for secondary filtration. This design of the filter avoids suction as little as possible.

Vacuflo Cyclonic Core Vacuum System

Central vacuum systems with cyclonic filtration have the very highest degree of suction and air quality. Cyclonic Vacuflo versions must be exhausted to the outside of the home. In most cases, they do not suit any installation.

However, once installed, real cyclonic filtration ensures that there can be no drop of suction when the vacuum is used day after day. More considerable waste is stored in the soil canister at the base of the device, emptied if necessary. The smallest soil, ashes, and particles are forced upwards using the cyclonic technique and expelled outwards. There's nothing left in the air of your house.

Vacuflo Central Vacuum Carpet Power Heads

Maybe Vacuflo is better known for its central vacuum heads and carpet equipment. Vacuflo powerheads are famous for their longevity and versatility.

Vacuflo Power Heads, Non-Electric Turbocat

Vacuflo 35ft Electric Direct Connect Hose The Vacuflo Turbocat is the best-selling head. They're inexpensive and built to standards. Turbocat line is a non-electric, turbo-style carpet cleaner. This means that the control head uses vacuum suction to rotate the roller bar within the machine head. The roller bar (or beaver bar) then stirs up the carpet's fibers and extracts the dirt.

Turbocat products can be used with non-electric central vacuum systems. If you are uncertain about the type of device currently installed in your house, please call 954-341-6072, and we will explain the process to find out.

Vacuflo Power Head, Electric Edge

The Vacuflo Edge Electric PowerHead is a handy cleaning product for carpets. This is just the sort of thorough cleaning you want for your thick area rugs or wall-to-wall rugs. 

It features a clear, low-profile headlight, 13-inch cleaning path, and an extra sturdy cogged belt. The vacuflo Edge can be used in electrical central vacuum systems. 

The powerhead is operated by a separate electrical current flowing through the vacuum hose. If you are confused about the type of device currently installed in your house, please call 954-341-6072, and we will walk you through the steps to find out.

Vacuflo Central Vacuum Hoses

There are several different kinds of Vacuflo central vacuum hoses. People often find it frustrating to find the best one, but it doesn't have to be challenging. The easiest thing to do is to begin at the end of the hose, that's right!

With our highly qualified and trained team of licensed technicians and customer support agents, we are here to address any issues you may have. Having problems finding the best commodity for you? Our team would be more than pleased to prescribe the best system to you when operating within the budget. Give us a call anywhere at any time, please! Local-Coral Springs, Florida: 954-341-2760; Please call: 800.322.2965 outside of Florida.

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