Vacuflo Universal Hose Types

Universal (Pigtail Connection)VacuFlo Standard InletsUniversal Pigtail Hose Connection with Standard Inlet

This standard inlet is the most common type used in 99% of all homes today. If you are going to be using an electric power (carpet) nozzle, you will have to plug the 6 ft. pigtail cord into a nearby 110 volt outlet.

Standard Low-Voltage Central Vacuum Inlets
Electric (Direct Connection)VacuFlo Direct Connect InletStandard Direct Connect Central Vacuum Inlets

These inlets requires low voltage and a 110 voltage Romex wire when installing under new construction. The hose used for this inlet will have low voltage signal and also have 2 prongs on top of the hose, when pushed in at the same time will than activate your carpet nozzle.