The Vacumaid Retractable Hose System

Vacumaid Retractable Hose installationCentral vacuum users are now more satisfied today than they have been in the past decades. In the past, one of the few drawbacks to a central vacuum system was hauling around a 40-foot central vacuum hose and then wrapping it up before setting it up in the cabinet when cleaning is finished.

However, innovation has overcome these problems and today Think Vacuums stores have a number of central vacuum retractable hose alternatives that are readily available for you. 


One of the first items in the market for a retractable hose system was Hide-a-Hose and it quickly gained popularity. The main feature of hide-a-hose is that after use, the vacuum hose is put away inside the wall recesses, and hence no wonder their popular name.

Retractable vacuum hoseEvery inlet valve has a concealed hose inside the system's own vacuum tubing. The suction force from the central vacuum unit retracts the hose back out of reach until you're finished. You just need to take your handle to the next inlet and plug it instead of having the whole hose lugging all over the place.

Although a very efficient filtered or bagged central vacuum system can be used, Think Vacuums advises that you utilize the Hide-a-Hose installation especially when you use a true-cyclonic Central Vacuum, and here's why; there would be a small decrease in power due to the additional tubing mounted to operate a hide-a-hose. 

The strength of your system is never lessened, but if you have a real cyclonic and your dirt canister fills up, your Retractable Hose will still function quickly and effectively. However, whether you have a paper bag unit or a filtered unit when your bag fills or your filter gets impregnated with dirt, your central vacuum suction power will decrease drastically.

There is also another possibility that would render your Retractable Hose not perform as well as if you had a real cyclonic device. You need to remember that you may need to use a specialized extension if you plan to use an electrical control head, which is readily available at Think Vacuum Stores.

The Doc-It Hose Management System

At Think Vacuum stores we also provide the Doc-It Hose Management System, and the Hide-a-Hose is nothing like that. The Doc-It system is mounted running behind your wall in between the studs. The Doc-It has an engine of its own that activates the hose and retracts it. 

The key benefit of the Doc-It is that it does not rely on the working power of your central vacuum power system although it also requires the use of a direct electrical powerhead to be attached to. The primary drawback of this system, however, is that you would have to do a little drywall installation and repairs while you are retrofitting in new buildings.


The SPOT is another cool tool that holds a ten-foot hose on the wall, ready for quick entry, and is close to the Hide-a-Hose in design and functionality. The SPOT has a switch right at the inlet for switching on and off easily. You can also mount it in a number of locations throughout your home for an optimum cleaning experience.


Vacumaid Retractable Hose assemblyThe HosterVac is distinct and unique although it is not meant to be a main hose control solution for your needs. It is ideal for those areas that you want to clean up easily, such as the kitchen, garage, utility room, laundry room, art room, or toilet, without having to pull your central vacuum hose out. 

These types of units have already been sold to hair salons and found to be very effective. The main distinctive feature of the HolsterVac is the microswitch that turns the device on as soon as you pull the hose end from the holster. 

Common questions concerning the Vacumaid Retractable Hose

Do I need a warranty?

A company that is proud of their job and products will often back up their goods with a pledge like a warranty. 

Retractable Hose vacuum systems are a permanent investment and many consumers are concerned if they can be replaced. 

So in the event of factory defaults that could arise, it only makes sense that they should come with some form of warranty and yes they do. 

How long should the Retractable Hose be? 

At Think Vacuums, we recommend a  vacuum system that comes with a short hose and a long hose to give you the flexibility to access various areas of your house, including the recessed corners of your floor and ceiling.  To get the best retractable hose vacuums, contact Think Vacuums.

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