Best Garage Wall Mounted Vacuum Systems

Retractable hoseA garage is an excellent place for a person who loves crafts. Having an orderly and well-organized garage helps you work without any obstructions. Sweeping and scooping the dirt may not be enough. Investing in a good vacuum cleaner is the first step to maintaining clean working conditions. A vacuum cleaner that is mountable on the wall is ideal for saving on space.

The wall-mounted vacuum does not take up much space and has the best features of a cordless vacuum and wet/dry heavy-duty vacuum. It offers you efficiency and quick clean. This vacuum gives you the versatility to clean your garage as well as your car. This means that you can carry out your projects such as welding, painting, etc. 

With the many vacuums in the market, finding the best quality wall mount is not a simple task. When choosing the right garage vacuum, you should consider its suction power. The vacuum cleaner should be able to collect all the dirt, filings, and all debris. A large bag or dust canister allows you to have many cleaning sessions without a bag change or emptying the dirt canister—also, lookout for a good filtration system.

VacuMaid GV50PRO

This vacuum’s dirt canister has a 7-gallon capacity. The HEPA standard filter bag has five layers. The GV50PRO comes with a 30 ft hose and hanger, a telescopic wand, caddy bag, dusting brush, and extra tools to clean in between the constricted areas.

Among the extra tools is a crevice tool that collects up all dirt from the tight corners and between furniture. There also is a brush specially made for dirt elimination on dashboards, carpets, and upholstery. 

With this model, you will not have to purchase additional accessories, unlike other models. This saves money. Cleaning this vacuum is easy. Keeping it clean increases its durability to be 25% more than that of other brands. Setting this vacuum up is fast and straightforward.

The steel with which the vacuum is made cannot be corroded because it is powder-coated. The HEPA filtration system’s high performance makes it efficient in cleaning up all the tiny debris. If you suffer from allergies, this vacuum cleans the air by ensuring the tiny dust particles are trapped within the filter system. 

The bag is easy to empty. You only have to remove the bag from the tank and empty the dirt appropriately. The main disadvantage is that you will need to make frequent bag purchases.

Hide A Hose retractable hosesVacuMaid has created a Wet Pick Up Kit that goes with this vacuum system. This kit has attachments that grant you the freedom to convert your regular vacuum unit into a Wet Pick Up. The wet pickup vacuum helps you to clean up wet dirt from all types of floors.



  • It comes with various functions
  • It is light in weight and easy to use
  • It is not bulky, thus saves on space
  • Made of non-corrosive, heavy-duty steel
  • It is easy to install
  • It has a long handle that extends your reach


  • This model is among the most costly wall-mounted vacuum units. 

Bissell Garage Pro – Best Wet/Dry Vacuum

The Bissell Garage Pro model is efficiently designed to clean up both dry and wet messes. The dust canister is semi-translucent, and it also alerts you when it reaches full capacity by flashing LED lights. This maintains the suction power of the vacuum. This vacuum’s design is not bulky, and it leaves room for you to purchase and attach more tools.

The motor has a power capacity of 12-amp. With a 4-gallon dirt tank, the vacuum has sufficient airflow for powerful suction to pick dry and wet dirt. The wet and dry cleaning capabilities mean that you don’t need to purchase a different kit for cleaning wet dirt. The blowing capabilities of this vacuum ensure that your surfaces are cleaned of every dirt and debris.

Get the Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum 

Having a vacuum cleaner for your garage is very important, both for your peace of mind and a clean working environment. Choose a vacuum cleaner that has strong suctioning power. Other things worth considering are the versatility of the vacuum, the attachments, and many more. Visit the Think Vacuums store and select your vacuum of choice.

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