Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial Vacuum offers a full range of commercial central vacuum systems and accessories. In fact, getting a new vacuum is as easy as visiting our online store and reviewing the many top-rated brands we offer our customers. You can also visit our beautiful showroom in Coral Springs, Florida, for all your commercial and residential vacuum cleaning needs. As one of the nation’s leading online vacuum cleaner suppliers, we also offer bags for commercial vacuum cleaners from standard, upright models to central vacuum cleaning systems.
At Think Vacuums, our highly dedicated and certified technicians are committed to excellence in all services. We answer all customer questions and concerns while helping you find the right bag or bagless system within your budget. We stock a wide range of commercial central vacuums at our online store and warehouse including:
  • Backpack Vacuums
  • Upright Vacuums
  • Canister Vacuums
  • Floor Sweepers
From furniture and carpeting to drapery and hardwood flooring, we have the right bagged and bagless commercial vacuums to meet all your needs. Cleaner bags are also great for accumulating dust, dirt, grime, and debris – with easy removal and replacement. These bags collect the debris so that your unit functions at peak performance and energy efficiency. Additionally, we offer replacement bags at great prices for all the top commercial cleaning brands we have in stock. Here are some more commercial systems to keep in mind when looking for a vacuum cleaner.

Backpack Vacuum Models

Commercial backpack models are great for cleaning tight spots. These areas are harder to clean for uprights, as well as some central systems without the right accessories and attachments. Here are the benefits of a backpack vacuum model for the office or home:
  • Cost-effective, reliable, dependable and easy to use.
  • Commercial backpacks are highly mobile – resulting in the timely and efficient cleaning of your businesses and warehouses.
  • Backpacks capture and eliminate more dirt, allergens, pet hair and dust.
  • Backpacks are considered more ergonomic than other styles; traditional uprights, canisters, and central systems.
  • These commercial vacuum cleaners are affordable and continue to receive great industry ratings and customer reviews.
We feature the best commercial vacuum brands and bags, including but not limited to: Bissell, DustCare, ProTeam, Sanitaire and more. All brands are highly-efficient and designed to make cleaning and your life easier.

Traditional Uprights and Canister Vacs

The industry norm is a standard upright vacuum. These traditional units have been around for decades, and are still popular options when looking for a new commercial or residential cleaning system. From homes to offices, uprights are easy to use and equipped with removal bags for waste disposal. The motor and suction head are also built into the same unit for timely and efficient vacuuming. From Sanitaire and Bissell to Eureka and Twin Turbo HEPA, we are proud to feature top-rated standard commercial vacuums for your business needs.

Canister Units

Commercial Vacuum CleanerCommercial canister units are equipped with a wand at the end of the hose. These are longer than upright hoses and can reach and clean spaces unreachable to a standard hose. Canister units also have engines, dust bags, and filters built in. The wheels make it easier to effectively clean the office with stellar results. We feature Sanitaire, Eureka/Electrolux, and Quick Clean within this commercial line.

Commercial Floor Sweepers

Commercial floor sweepers are great for businesses with a lot of square feet to clean. In fact, they are perfect for large storage rooms, stock warehouses, and other commercial venues. Floor sweepers efficiently pick up and remove anything on your floors including dirt, dust, grime and other elements deep within the floor cracks and crevices. They also work well on carpeted areas and come in a variety of widths to get the job done right. We feature Bissell and Sanitaire brands within this line.
For more information on commercial vacuum cleaner bags, simply contact us today or visit our website.