What You Need to Know About Vacuum Cleaner Hoses

What You Need to Know About Vacuum Cleaner Hoses

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, we are aware that our customers have a myriad of needs. At Think Vacuums, we offer a wide selection of vacuum hoses to serve the most demanding needs. Collecting dirt, sludge, and litter can be abrasive on vacuum piping materials, demanding products that are quite resistant and durable to the robust elements these flex hoses will come into contact with. Our extensive stock of resourceful vacuum hoses is designed to meet the flex ducting needs while being safe and easy to use. We offer vacuum hoses made from robust and flexible polyethylene material. Most people recognize polyethylene as just regular plastic, but it can be quite intense and fierce when the need be (for example, vacuum cleaner hoses). Although polyethylene is light and malleable, it is still durable. This vacuum piping material has excellent resistance to chemicals and moisture, making it ideal for collecting any refuse and waste without getting damaged. Because of the polyethylene materials, this vacuum hose is durable and malleable, allowing the tube to access the hard to reach places.

Vacuum Hose Selection

Whole Home vacuum HoseOur vacuum piping and flex hoses are also available in smaller or large diameter sizes giving original equipment manufacturers (OEM) ’s the opportunity to use vacuum hoses that are compatible with their machinery’s capability.

We provide vacuum hoses from 1/2" ID up to 4” in diameter. Additionally, our polyethylene material hoses are shipped in a variety of lengths and frequently bought "per foot." Our hoses allow you to deal with hard debris such as broken glass, plaster dust, wet sludge, and metal knockout slugs.

These are all abrasive substances that are not only messy and inconvenient but can be merely hazardous without correct removal by well-built collection ducts.

By removing the need for physically clearing up materials by hand, vacuum cleaner hoses make you cleanup experience as faster, simple, and safe as possible.

Furthermore, we offer a myriad of large diameter vacuum hose that is made for commercial vacuum uses. We provide a crush-resistant vacuum hose that displays perfect flexing characteristics.

Best Features of a Vacuum Hose

Our flex vacuum hose has a smooth interior that promises efficient airflow and limits clogging. Many sizes of our vacuum flex hoses can go through a full vacuum. Because absolute vacuums can produce negative and positive pressures ("sucking out" versus "blowing out"), fan ducts and vacuum hoses must be able to withstand both types of force. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ducts are another example of a substance liked for its use in a vacuum hose. PVC flex ducting is especially prized because, in general, flex ducts made from PVC feature smaller, more navigable diameters. Smaller diameters can be advantageous to vacuum hoses since it is easier to produce regular, stable air movement and transfer through smaller ducts, unlike larger pipes. PVC collection ducts are also accessible since the vinyl coated spring steel wire helix of PVC ducts add a high degree of durability and strength without making them unbendable. Moreover, PVC can withstand the temperature of up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that it can work well in a myriad of chill or heat-sensitive areas.

What to Look For in a Vacuum Hose

Best Features Of A Vacuum HoseWe offer numerous hose-ends for several uses. Poly-welded cuffs provide sturdiness and stability when connected to a vacuum, giving the flex ducting a solid and sturdy hose-end.

However, if you need a vacuum hose that requires motion, screw-cuffs are a better choice. For an economically reliable option, screw cuffs allow you to separate the vacuum tubing and make it interchangeable with various vacuum hoses. Remember, consider long vacuum piping with innate “anti-kink” properties.

This feature helps to decrease the risk of a blockage occurring in your tubing, allowing for uncontaminated and unrestricted airflow throughout your vacuum piping systems. Vacuum cleaners are some of the most ever-present and popular appliances in our contemporary living.

To maintain your vacuum’s high efficiency, you must have a quality vacuum hose Fortunately, Think Vacuums got you covered. Take a look at our diverse online selection and find the product that is perfect for you.

At times it can be hard to discern which type of vacuum hose is suitable for your situation, what size you should purchase, what material, etc. –, if you have any questions, contact any of our experts directly!

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