Vacuum Hose Size Comparison

1.5 or 1.25 Inch? Guide to Selecting the Right Central Vacuum Hose

Choosing the perfect hose for your central vacuum system plays a crucial role in optimizing your cleaning routine. This guide will help you select the appropriate hose size and type for your needs, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free cleaning experience.

Picking the Hose Size

Central vacuum hoses come in various diameters, each designed to support different cleaning capabilities and compatibilities.

Standard 1.5" Diameter Hoses are universal and fit most brands. For brands like Purvac, Riccar, and Zenex, to name a few, a 1.5" hose ensures optimal airflow and cleaning power for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Central Vacuum Brands with a 1.5" Hose: DustCare, DynaVac, Easy-Flo, Electrolux, Eureka, Fasco, Filtex, Filter Queen, Frigidaire, Hayden, Honeywell, Hoover, Husky, Imperium, Kenmore, M & S, MD, Nadair, NuTone, OVO, Patton, Phoenix, Prolux, Powerlux, PowerStar, Pullman-Holt, Purvac, Riccar, Royal, Sequoia, Signature, Simplicity, Smart, Titan, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Valet, Vent-A-Vac, Walvac, Whirlpool, Zenex.

For 1.25" Diameter Hoses, applicable brands include Budd, Kenmore, and Black & Decker. To enhance compatibility and performance, these hoses may come with an adapter to convert to a 1.5" diameter.

Central Vacuum Brands with a 1.25" Hose: Budd, Sears/Kenmore, Vacuflo, or Black & Decker

Ensure to check the compatibility of your central vacuum system with the hose diameter you choose. A correct diameter not only improves cleaning efficiency but also prevents potential connectivity issues.

Choosing the Type of Hose


Your cleaning needs and the features of your central vacuum system will determine the best hose type.

Electric Hoses integrate both low voltage and high voltage wires within the hose. This type allows you to control the central vacuum and a power nozzle with a three-way rocker switch on the handle. Options like a pigtail cord or direct connect application are available for electricity supply to the power nozzle. Ideal for carpets, an Electric Hoses offers ease and control directly at your fingertips.
Low Voltage Hoses feature a low voltage wiring series for central vacuum control, turning on as the hose is inserted into the wall inlet. These hoses typically include a two-position switch on the handle, allowing easy on/off commands. For delicate fabrics and under furniture cleaning, consider a Low Voltage Hose that provides flexibility and optimized airflow.
Basic Hoses are designed for simplicity and broad compatibility, fitting nearly all central vacuum wall inlets. Known for straightforward functionality, a Basic Hose activates the central vacuum system upon insertion and deactivates upon removal. This type is perfect for those who prefer simple, effective suction without additional features.

To achieve the best results from your central vacuum system, selecting the right hose size and type is essential. Consider the specific requirements of your cleaning tasks and the compatibility with your central vacuum system to make an informed decision. For a more detailed look into each hose type and brand compatibility, explore the provided links to ensure you select the perfect hose for your home.

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