Vacuflo Vroom Central Vacuum with 18ft Hose 9215

Retractable hose with up to a 18' reachVroom cleaner is designed to solve real-life cleaning issues. It is perfect for easy cleaning of areas such as bathrooms and kitchens with high traffic of dirt. Vroom provides an immediate solution for debris that is dry such as food crumbs, hair, dirt, makeup dust, kitty litter and more. Without even a broom, the Vacuflo Vroom can clean more than just floors.

Thanks to the Vroom's instant accessibility, you can save on energy and time on your daily cleaning routine. Vacuflo vacuum has the ability to turn on and off automatically, you have to lift the hose, and you are ready to go. It eliminates the need for hauling out big vacuum hoses for minimal messes. 

You do not have to worry about your family's safety in the living room as the hose the Vroom vacuums retract into the unit, leaving nothing to trip over, this eliminates unwanted accidents in the house.

Vacuflo Vroom Central vacuum is much convenient to store as it saves on space; it is also portable hence can be carried to the storage area without much hassle.

Vroom Vacuums are discreet and compact, designed to be positioned on your standard home cabinets. It can be installed on the left or right side and correctly mounted with brackets. Vroom is much compatible and functions with almost all central power unit vacuums, making it easier to connect the piping to existing ones.  

Lugging around your central Vroom vacuum hose is eliminated. You also don't have to round up multiple suppliers of the dustpan, broom, paper towels, or sponge. Vroom is perfect for everyday use as it can deal with any kind of dirt, anywhere.

Features of 9215 Vroom Vacuums

9215 Vroom 18 Vacuflo Vacuum

  • Fitted with 18ft retractable hose for easy access to every corner of your living room for effective cleaning

  • It has a hose lock and an automatic on/off system for easy switching.

  • Fitted with 18ft base cabinet

  • Fitted with a comfortable hand grip for proper handling without much hassle

  • It has a light and sleek long-lasting ABS case that is molded. 

  • Colorful branding with a logo on the sides of the vacuum

  • The hose lock is designed to reduce pullback while using the vacuum.

  • The hose of the Vroom is retractable and has a length of 18ft. It also has a built-in crevice tool on its contoured end works.


Vacuflo Vroom is easy to install in your garage as it doesn't take space, it's always easy to access as it's within arm's reach for perfect cleaning of the frequent dirt that accumulates as you continue working. Easily reach up for the Vroom handle and pull it down and clean up the mess, upon finishing the hose retracts automatically. It can't get easier than that!

Vroom is much versatile, convenient, and powerful, and it guarantees an effective cleaning experience on all surfaces regardless of the kind of dirt. Vroom garage vacuum is ideal for cleaning workbenches, boats, car seats, floor mats, RVs, car interiors, around your house doors and windows as well as other dirty messes in the garage.

Convenient swift cleanups are what you get by using the state of art Vacuflo Vroom Central Vacuum; the 24ft retractable hose guarantees maximum accessibility to every corner of your garage for perfect elimination of dirt. With Vroom, you don't have to grab the hose of the central vacuum or the different cleaning supplies such as broom, hand vacuum, and stick mop to vacuum counterparts, floors, walls, drawers, rugs, and appliances.

Vacuflo Vroom 18 VacuumVroom is always there when you need it but hidden, upon installation the powerful central vacuum cleaner is still there for use when needed but out of sight when you don't need it. The optional tool holder has an adjustable wand and rug tool for effortless cleaning and improved accessibility.

Vroom is available in two models, the Vroom 24 and Vroom 18. The two models have similar specifications such as lock hose and the automatic on/off the system, ergonomic grip handle, and the ABS model case that is molded. The difference is mainly in the size of the retractable hose.

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