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 Vroom Garage Retract Vac SystemVroom Central Vacuum Accessories deliver quality cleaning of daily dry spills and screws up in high-traffic rooms of the house, such as kitchens, laundries, shower rooms, hallways, sludge rooms, exhibitions, parking lots, master suites, leisure activity rooms, man-caves, in-house theaters, play areas and much more!

Vroom can be easily installed in cabinets or wardrobes and converts any central vacuum system into a useful, speedy piece of equipment. Once configured, the Vroom will always be there if you need it and out of the scene when you don't.

Quick and Convenient Cleaning

Vroom is suitable for daily use. It serves up to 24′ of detachable pipe and is readily accessible for use every day. There is no need to use a central vacuum hose or numerous cleaning supplies (mop, stick dustpan, hand vacuum, sponge, or wet wipes) to scrub surfaces, countertops, equipment, and shelves railings, rugs, and more.

A Retractable Hose Is A Game Changer when it Comes to Ease of Cleaning

Straightforward to use, Vroom connects directly on or off whenever the hose handle is taken away or substituted at the loading dock, and the pipe pulls back when it is fully completed. From animal hair to poured cereal to broken glass, no mess fits Vroom's ease and efficiency.

Optional Tools/Tool Caddy Make Vroom Even More Convenient

The optional affixed materials provided store an ergonomic wand and floor/rug tool for easy access to the fingertips and easy cleaning.

Vroom is available in 24" and 18" hose lengths to handle all configurations. Effectively carry formidable, space-saving, convenient washing to garages, automobiles, and more.

Space-Saving, Easy to use and Reliability

Designed specifically aerial mounting brackets convert Vroom into an even more efficient garage and car cleaning product readily accessible to whatever you can only obtain in a car wash!

Simple to install, Vroom Garage does not take up any vital storage space and is still easily accessible to clean daily messes in garages or cars. Reach out, pull down the stick, vacuum up the spill, and the hose will immediately retract when done. It couldn't have been better!

Powerful, Versatile Cleaning Convenience

Vroom robot vacuumVroom Garage is great for cleaning doors and windows, working benches, garage floor, boats, campers, car seats, mats, carpets, car interiors, and RVs.

Vacuflo Vroom Central with 18ft Hose 

Built with everyday life in mind, Vacuflo's Vroom Central is ideal for comfortable, instant cleaning of high places such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

It connects to the central vacuum system and hides in shelves, pantries, closets, or under counters. Remember the constant messes of food preparation, kids, and cats. 

You don't need to pull out your dustpan and broom or your full-size vacuum hose and attachment. The Vroom gives an immediate remedy for dried debris such as kitty litter, food crumbs, leaves, fur, make-up glitter, and more. And unlike the VacPan system, it's capable of cleaning a lot more than just floor surfaces and doesn't need a broom.

Save energy and time for daily cleaning due to Vroom's instant usability. The Vroom flips on and off instantly- you raise the hose, and you're able to clean. It removes the need to take out the large central vacuum hose for minor messes. The VacuFlo Vroom is lightweight and quiet, built to fit into regular cabinets. It can be placed on the right or left side and conveniently mounted with brackets. Do you have an existing system but would like to install a Vroom? No issue at all. 

The Vroom can work with virtually any central vacuum power unit, and it's easy to connect to your existing piping. You are no longer carrying around the central vacuum hose or gathering up various supplies-broom, dustpan, sponge, or paper towels. The Vroom is excellent for daily use if you need to clear up a mess easily and quickly.

Vroom 9215 Characteristics:

Vroom for Cabinet Central Vacuum Retractable Hose

  • Retractable hose with a range up to 18'

  • Fit 18" Cabinets Base

  • Automatic on/off and a lock of the hose

  • Ergonomically comfortable

  • Sleek and lightweight, robust ABS casing

  • Colorful logo sticker on the foot

  • The lock of the hose eliminates pullback.

  • Vroom Retractable Hose stretches up to 18ft. The contoured end acts like an optimized crevice tool.

Vroom cleaners and many other cleaning products from Think Vacuums are sleek and lightweight, and yet sturdy and strong. New technologies, state-of-the-art engineering, and consistent consumer focus can be seen in all our products. Try a vacuum cleaner from Think Vacuums and you'll be impressed by the excellent cleaning capacity and quiet service.

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